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New Restaurant Website


I created this website for a chain of Italian restaurants here in Costa Rica, it has been approved by the client, but I´d like to see if you have further feedback or suggestions before I host the site.


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Hi @Sebasgaes

Nice feel to the site, here are my ideas for some finishing touches:

  • I think the hero images/videos on each page just need a few words as an overlay - whether that is to confirm which page they are on, or something like ‘made to order’ or ‘only local ingredients’. Why is this pizzeria the right choice, or why is it unique? Here’s an example (doesn’t need to cover the whole hero though)
  • However…I can see that doing that might cause the open menu to clash with the hero overlay due to opacity - but maybe you could look at triggering the hero overlay on page load, and disappear on menu open?
  • Rather than use the ‘hamburger’ icon and also the text ‘menu’ to open the menu, you could just have the word ‘MENU’ slightly larger, on it’s own?
  • On your homepage, the ‘Ingredientes Fresco’ has some additional spacing above it, just on the mobile views which isn’t consistent with the other similar sections.
  • Possibly use a slightly larger or bold version of the font on the mobile view for the text/paragraphs?
  • Maybe make the logo at the top a link to the home page for user convenience…

Hope that’s useful…just my humble opinions!


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@Sebasgaes I think it is a very lovely website, but I feel the there could be a bit more going on in the hero sections (with the background video/images). Maybe a logo animation on the home page and/or something like that.

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Thanks @StuM I will review these suggestions and see what I can implement. I really appreciate your time.

Thanks, I’ll give it a thought to see what I can come up with.

Hola @Sebasgaes, I’m an American webflow designer living here in Heredia. Mucho gusto!

  • I’m in agreement that some H1 headings on the pages will give viewers context and are needed for SEO. They can be placed below the hero images if desired.

  • The links for the phone numbers on the contact page are not working. Choose phone from the link settings and format as +1506*******. That should work.

  • The slider on the contact page only has one image and is transitioning over and over between the same image. Maybe turn off the auto advancement on the slide

  • For the menu icon container, in the style tab go down to the effects options and change the cursor from auto the the link hand. This way when computer users hover over the menu icon, it will be obvious that it is clickable.

Hope this helps,

Hi Sebasgaes, lafabbricapizzeria gives me a sense of Simplism, which is good in my view.

Scrolling down the page where it’s between different paragraphs, visitors see recipe photos without any tips. I may like to suggest adding some lines like ingredients or its stories here.

As for your logo, hmm…, I want to be frank but I don’t like its style, esp. its color, the green. As a whole, it reminds me of computer game or rock music at the first sight. Green logo texts aren’t something normal, you know a thing called user experience, right? I don’t like the logo fonts or styles, maybe you can find some logo text ideas from DesignEvo Logo Maker, dafont, etc.

Hi Mathew, nice to meet you. Thank you very much for your time, I will get your feedback in right now.


Hi, thank you for taking the time to review the page. I’d like to add some more content, but the client wants it to be as simple as possible. Although I will make the suggestion. Regarding to the logo, it was already implemented, I know it’s not the greatest though. I’d love to change it as well.