Feedback before going live

Hi everyone! I’m looking for feedback before going live. Maybe some reassurance that I have things setup correctly?

The tabs element under the work pages isn’t ideal but is what my client asked for. That being said, I’m not sure what to do with the collection pages and if leaving them blank is an issue?

Also any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi @CreativeMO

Nothing jumps out incorrect from a visual glance - but the brand logo disappears on mobile - so definitely find a way to show that. For example you could add it to the hero image, but just have that logo image display on mobile.

There shouldn’t be a problem with empty collection pages unless you link to them! But if you have any static pages that are not in use you can save them to draft. We would need to see the preview link to advise in depth, but hope that’s useful :slightly_smiling_face:

@StuM Thank you for replying! This will be my first site in webflow so thank you for taking the time to ease my mind!

By preview link do you mean …

When I am in the editor it shows options to edit the testimonial pages and bathroom work pages below the static pages. Why only these here in pages?

Hey @CreativeMO

Just a few minor suggestions for you.

  • Make the logo in the nav link to the homepage
  • Maybe get rid of the Home link in the nav as that is common practice to use the logo instead (I understand some clients still insist on having it)
  • Can you get a higher resolution version of the logo? SVG would be optimal
  • The nav link seem to have more padding on the left than right so the hover border doesn’t appear centered (seen screenshot below)
  • Add a margin-right to the nav logo so that there is the same spacing between it and the first nav link as there is between nav links. (seen screenshot below)


  • On the three columns, the dividing line or top border is centered but the text is left-justified. This feels a little odd. Maybe right align the dividers or fill the column width.

  • For the following, why not link them to a page? Quality Products to the Our Suppliers page. Reliable Service to the Testimonials page. Warranty Guarantee to the Warranties page.
  • BTW guarantee is mispelled
  • The form button on the homepage and contact page have different styling and hover effects
  • Link to Instagram in footer is not set
  • Also the contact info on the footer and contact page can be turned into actionable links, see link below for instructions.

Overall you’ve done a good job. Like I said up top just some minor things I noticed. Hope this helps. Happy designing!

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Also here are the instructions to share your preview or read-only link.

@matthewpmunger Thank you for your feedback! I definitely agree with and will implement your suggestions.

Here is the read-only link :slightly_smiling_face:

:+1: Looks good!

Just adjust the phone link to be formatted like this +18327176565. The +1 indicates that it is a USA phone number.

Great thank you!

@matthewpmunger - I really appreciate your help. If you don’t mind, I have another website I am wrapping up soon - It’s a website for my dads restaurant. The “pre-order online link” is not functional at the moment because we are waiting to setup the NCR online ordering system.

Sure thing. Here are some notes.

  • The Contact Us navlink has a nice transition for the hover effect. Speed it up slightly then do the same transition on the other navlinks and the preorder button
  • Again Restaurant Menu button has a hover transition but the Catering Menu next to it does not
  • The logo has says “chocolate + barbecue” while the hero text says “rustic chocolate ~ urban barbecue”, I’d stick to the “+” symbol since that’s used in the logo
  • The text links under the 2columns could use a right arrow or some visual indicator that they are links since elsewhere there is red text that aren’t links.
  • Maybe try red for the footer background color since the navbar and about us sections are also the same dark grey. Makes for lots of dark grey when I’ve scrolled to the bottom. Using red will also help the black logo and icons be more visible.
  • Notice that the menu has prices for the meat and sides but not the rest of the menu. The pdf does have the pricing for all.
  • Make the white space between the menu sections match
  • In the Craftory dropdown menu place Chocolate first in the list to match the logo and everywhere else that it’s listed first. Stay consistent.
  • On the Mission Art page there is no visual indicator that the text are links
  • Contact page has a prefooter for social media but the icons are missing. Why isn’t this on every page? The social media icons in the footer are small, using the prefooter on all pages would draw more attention to the social. Maybe move the newsletter signup there too. keep the dry information in the lowest part of the footer and keep the call to actions/engagement in the prefooter.

Overall I felt the layout and use of photography was good. These small tweaks will up the consistency and clarity for visitors.

Hope this helps. Happy designing!

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You’re awesome! Thank you for the tips!

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Maybe increase the margin a bit for the “Our Services” page. On iPhone X it is a little crowded on the left side. Site looks good.

@CreativeMO @matthewpmunger gave some good tips. Looking good.