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Website review for client website

Good afternoon, would anyone be able to take a quick look at my clients website. It has to go live on Nov. 1st. Any input would be great, thank you. I do have a few touch up here and there but my main concern is the font, font size, layout.

Jose Ocando

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Pretty nice site. None of your navigation links work. I’d also add a logo into the nav.

The hero is set to 100vh it seems but on bigger screens the text sits way at the top. I’d recommend using flex box to vertically center the container and perhaps also limit the height of that section with a max height so it’s not giant.

I’d also modify the buttons to have some sort of hover color change. Also the buttons have uneven padding vertically which makes the text sit lower than center. Likely caused by line height. I’d also increase the side padding on the buttons. Same goes for hover effects on the navigation.

Id swap the about and gallery sections so you have the about first and perhaps also put the hours in that section along with a maps link/address. These are what customers are looking for most.

Also I’d choose a more interesting font for the text in the footer and perhaps make the footer more appealing. You can also copy/paste footer styles from the discover page on any clonable sites. Theres quite a few that have nice looking footers you can use and customize to fit.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much, the hero area and nav I had to remove temporarily but re added.

Ok so I’ll swap out the gallery and about section on the home page, so I should put the hours on the about page about section on the home page that links to the about page??

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Honestly, for such a small site, I’d put all the information on the homepage and make the about link an anchor link to the section. I have built restaurant pages that don’t even have a separate menu page because it’s just not necessary. Less clicking the better.

I see, I wasnt given any copy other than their 1990s website that was a single jpeg image practically. I think I’ll redo a couple of things hopefully before Nov. 1st. Thank you