New Italian Restaurant Website

Hey people,

Just published a new one-page website for a local pizza & pasta restaurant. Thoughts are always welcome!


Looks nice overall with some good images.

I would have the phone number right at the top for anyone who just wants to call and book, especially important for people on mobile phones who will just “click to call”.

Also, I might have a couple of images on the right next to menus and about Capri; for example, it’s a family run restaurant so a good picture of the family showing their passion for great food would be nice.

Very nice and clean.

Love the menu tabs!

The menu and about text is aligned to the left with nothing displaying on the right, I think you should have a family or staff photograph on the right side. It’s a missed opportunity at the moment. Or align it center.

Make emailing customer friendly, no buttons, just a beautiful contact form.

Thanks for those points @Dave. When viewed in mobile, a phone icon is always visible on the website.

Agreed, a photo of the owners would be a good thing to add.


Thanks @nwdsha for your thoughts! Agreed, perhaps that space could be used more effectively.


Also, add a transparent overlay colour on the hero section, the white text is a bit hard to read currently.

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