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New restaurant site

Hi there

A local restaurant was in need for website. As a designer I always want to do more but there’s also so much you can do for the money you get :slight_smile:

This one is all Webflow with hosting, cms and client billing.


Thanks @NNoBoDY for the map tip :grinning:

It’s in Swedish if you wonder

The site in my profile


Np man! the site looks nice!!

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Nice color scheme and typography. But it feels a bit weird to see the restaurant site without any image of food :confused:


Thanks @sabanna. Yeah I know it would have been super fun to make the site with food images. It was done rather quick. Focus was getting the site up and for the owners to be able to change the weekly lunch menu. Maybe when the restuarant been open for a while we can work with it some more.

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jorn i’v noticed that your provider and you havent set up in your .htaccess file so it doesnt do URL Canonicalization

u need

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

in your .htaccess file
and they properly didnt make ready for it so before that text i send u properly need this infront of it

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

so where example is, your url address goes
first it helps for your google rank and beside that people will always end up on the page with www. infront
i dont want to go into a deep session with it

but as i told you in our last chat u can use something like to check for a messurement of your sites seo rankings and vs competitors and there in you can also see whats needed in your .htaccess file

I can’t access the .htaccess file. The site is hosted on Webflow.

Hmm isnt it possible to connect to the server via ftp ?

Nope. Sorry to say but you can’t. You can of course export your site but if you do that you must build your site up without the cms functions. It’s all static then.

The links looks good at my end though.

i dont get it ? static ?

static is a site with out any master page if im right ?
i guess u mean is you dont have a content management system for your clients that they can logon with and have easy way to change stuff ? or what you mean ?

and if they dont give you the possibility to access the .htaccess file then u most ask them yo make the changes for you, cause it will do alot of good with the stuff in the .htaccess file and help with the seo rankings

haha but i have to say the more i hear about webflow and the little answering on my questions towards it i get less and less found thinking of using webflow
like if you export it how much is shown even if we say you remove the webflow brand and what more ? is there a grey banner in the bot still when u remove it ? after that long video from when they updated it last year with the 3d transform they where also a little over the watermark
but from what i got out from that short talk about it that one can remove that webflow then u can set your own in its place i was just thinking i dont want any of it to show u know …

but jorn i feel a bit like im scrolling to much on the site with example the drinks when one search for something its nice its keept in 1 look if there aint to much content u could have had em all in the screen on a pc and the om u already had the hero on the home page or landing page then u scroll down to the image of the shop where u got the footer right under with the same info as at the image and then furture scroll for seeing the map … just to point out what there can be annoying for costumers when going threw a site

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and a bit confusing with the food is all over the place like u have some at the landing page then u got it under Veckans and bar menu i understand a page with launch for it self but when u got it setup on so many pages its gonna be confusing to find out what one want of food and what they actually got

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there you go jorn u got my full review of the site hehe have a bit of free time for once so why not put it to good use :wink:

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@jorn nice site. Have you ever had a restaurant client wishing to have booking within their website? Have you used OpenTable within a WebFlow site? I am trying to find info for future reference.


A static website (sometimes referred to as a brochure site) is a site

  • that doesn’t display information dynamically.

A website is considered to be static…

  • if the server or browser doesn’t manipulate the information.


No, sorry, I have not and I have not used or tried OpenTable.
If you find something useful please share with community :sunny:

I had the same feeling, this site lacks food images.

It would certainly be nice to have but it was not in the budget at that time. Thanks for the point and advice :grinning:

Hi matey - have a look at two sites I did with WF and Opentable.