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Hello team, I was just hoping that I can get some feedback on an actual clients website. I have only done the 1st page so far, I haven’t add the logo or anything but this is the 1st time I used Webflow. I know I still have to do some fine tuning on the breakpoints but just overall critique. Please add suggestions


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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  • You should really watch your overall site grid. Make sure everything lines up. Currently there are places where things don’t line up correctly, like here.

  • Current page in the main nav is unreadable.

  • Every interactive element would greatly benefit from some sort of hover effects.

  • You should consider styling all images similarly. Currently you have nearby images with different styles - one is plain, others are with a drop shadow. The drop shadows are a bit heavy handed and old school. Less grey, softer, lighter but crisp - any solution would make them better.

  • I don’t think the current rendition of double titles work now. For example reservation block has two titles - “Come see us”, and “call us for a reservation”. This is superfluous since both a calls to action. “About us” and “our story” are basically the same text, no point in repeating that unless they are somehow different in meaning and each contribute to the information.

  • footer needs some breathing space after copyright text.

  • try not using more than two kinds of fonts on any single design unless it should look avante garde. Currently there are four that I can see right away which is way too many

Sorry for the list but you have asked for critique so here we are :smiley:

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Thank you so much for the critique, I needed it since this is actually for a client.
For bullet 1: I had an unnecessary 25 px all around margin. I removed.
For bullet 2: I brought it up to 16px
For bullet 3: I have yet to add the interactivity, just needed some advice on the layout.
For bullet 4: The images are dummy images until she provides the images I ave requested,
For bullet 5: Copyright has always been a fork in the road for me, trying to get better at it. I know I have several font styles, I’ve been looking at different themes for inspiration only to have more confusion, lol.
For bullet 6: will add some top/bottom padding.

I am open to more advice Sir, thank you for your time.

What I meant is that the colour and background are not going along. As a matter of fact unless your image on top of which the text lies is black and white or monochrome any colour can hardly be used aside from white (or black if an image is lighter)

Thank you so much, I will work on that asap. What fonts do you recommend for an Italian restaurant website?

I don’t think “italian restaurant” calls for any specific fonts tbh. Use whatever looks good and is readable.