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New project to put in place of current. Same hosting, same domain, only different content

I paid for a new hosting plan with CMS-it shows green in project settings.
I cannot publish new content, the check box goes red.
tried unpublishing the site. Still not allowed to publish new content from exact same project settings area.

Hi @DoubleD, thanks for your post. If you have not done so already, I would suggest to contact to Webflow support directly to get help with understanding how the site plans are setup.

From your description, it sounds like you had an initial project and that project had a hosting and a custom domain attached, is that correct?

If changing the hosting from one project to another and both projects are in your site dashboard, you can contact to Webflow support and they will help to transfer the current hosting to the new project you have created. In that case no other actions are needed in most cases and the site can be republished.

If you have added a second site plan to the new project and paid for a new hosting, you can remove the custom domains from the old project and add those to the new project. The custom domains should be re-added and default domain set to WWW, then publish the new project.

If you do not wish to keep the hosting on the original project, you can contact to support who can help with a credit for the unused time remaining on the original hosting.

For all account and billing related questions, please contact to Webflow support at

I hope this helps