Publishing a new site on existing hosting


I have an existing site with a custom domain built on webflow and have purchased a hosting plan. I have created a new site that I would to publish to the hosting plan that I purchased. How can I do the swap?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @soulluciani ,

Please confirm if I’m getting it right, but, you want to use hosting plan from one project to an another project that you have in the same account?

But, It is not possible since for every new project that you’re going to add in webflow, if you want separate domains, you’ll have to have separate hosting plan for each.

If by swap, you meant that you would want to replace the existing site with a new one, for that you’ll have to remove all the contents from that project and add the new site contents. But, you can also contact Wefblow Support however, if they can just shift the hosting plan from one project to another.

Hope this helps, thanks!

Aman’s got it. You need to ask support. Most likely, they will require you to setup your new hosting plan on the new site, and then shut down the existing plan, and then they will credit you the partial difference.

However this is normally done when you’re upgrading site a → site A - new design, new template, etc. Not sure if they’ll do that for a → b