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Publishing a new project to an existing Webflow hosted domain?


I’m just about to switch an existing Webflow project to a new one, and I have a question about the domain and publishing. Can anyone help?

It’s good to go, so I’d like to publish the new one. In the domain settings, I get the following error when adding my domain details.

That domain is already connected to a Webflow site.

Do I need to unpublish the old project first? If yes, what happens to the live site? Does the old site stay visible until I publish the new one to the same domain?

Or will I also need to update my DNS settings with my clients existing provider?

I need to know what the implications are for going live. Here’s what I MUST avoid…

If I were to unpublish the old site, publish the new one, find out the domain isn’t connected. I could end up with a dead URL until the DNS settings are updated by the clients existing provider. Which can take days as they’re incompetent.

This will cause a loss of income for my client. And untold stress for me. This MUST not happen.

One caveat, the old site is on the basic hosting packaging. The new one is a CMS hosting package.

Any clarification would be very helpful.


New site…

Old site…

I received a reply from Webflow support.

You can manually ‘unpublish’ an old site and publish a new one to the same domain. It uses the same DNS records. The downtime is only affected by the time you take to do this, and the propagation.

So it can be done safely without too much disruption. I will report back once it’s done.


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