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Replacing site with new one (same project)

Hi there.

This might be an easy one for all you fine folks here but I simply cannot wrap my mind around how to approach this the best way.

I got my site on a CMS $20 hosting plan. I’ve had my site up and running for two years now and it’s been working like a charm. However, I now need to change the site due to an increase of customers, traffic and changes in the company. So I need to rebuild it from the ground up (page order, layout, content etc).

Is there a way to do that in the same project (on the same hosting plan), like on a sub-project or something? Or do I have to have to start a new CMS $20 hosting plan, build it there, then migrate over the old domain settings, publish it and kill off the old one? Seems a bit cumbersome. But then again, I cannot use the free staging hosting because I need to use more than 2 static pages.

Like I said, maybe I’m just thinking about this the wrong way. There might be a simple way to approach this. Any help and pointers you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Hey @Gripplabackarn can you not use your staging domain to do this? Make the necessary changes and publish these to the staging site only, so you can view / test etc. Once you’re finished you can then publish to the live domain / site.

Obviously, by doing it this way I’m guessing no changes will be made to the current site whilst the new design is being built, as you’re essentially overwriting the design (although only staged). If you need to make continuous updates to the current site, whilst at the same time creating a new site, then you’re probably best adding another site with hosting plan.

Good luck with your project.

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There you go! I knew I was going about this the wrong way in my mind. Thank you Esteban! It makes perfect sense!


I believe I’m trying to solve the same problem. The first site I built with Webflow needs to be rebuilt for various reasons, but it’s live and currently has a hosting plan attached. I’d like to rebuild it and utilize the current plan. I don’t see a way to accomplish this.

I’m not clear on Esteban’s response.

That solved my issue too. Thank you.