Reused CMS plan?

Good morning, I currently have a website designed in Webflow and with the CMS plan and with my own domain. I have been designing another project to replace the website that my business had and it is already finished.
I want to change the CMS plan to this new project (both are in the same account) so I can change the domains and delete the old website.
For this I have closed the plan I had.
But then I wonder, where does the money invested in this CMS plan go?
Can I use it for my new project?
When closing the plan, I specified that my intention is to look at the plan to another new project, in order to reuse the same plan and not have to pay one from scratch.
Can anyone corroborate me if the money invested in a CMS plan year is reused in the other project or where it goes?
Thank you very much.

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Send a message to customer support at this link Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University

They MAY be able to give you a discount code for the new plan since you’ve already paid for one that’s since been cancelled. However I don’t speak for them so you’ll have to get in contact to be sure.