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New non-profit website based on WeCare template

We love Webflow!


Nice work @susanmacphee! Have a look at the links in the footer (contact us), there is just the first letter wrapped for the link. Or is it just intended that way?

Thanks for catching that! I made the link go to the contact form. I’m a little nervous about putting my client’s personal email on the site due to spam anyway.

Another excellent work @susanmacphee

The only thing is that I would put the Nav Bar positioned fixed because when you start to scroll down you kind of get lost and you have to go all the way up to navigate some other areas of your website.

Just a thought.

Thank you so much. I gave that a try and my other page elements covered the whole header so I could not see anymore. I’d have to go in and work on it more to get it right. I agree about keeping the nav around especially in these days of long form content being the king.

Great job! :slight_smile: One small thing, you might want to fix the image. It’s causing the page to have a horizontal scrollbar.

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Thanks! Would you make it smaller or maybe instead have it as a background graphic?