Feedback on my first Webflow template :)

Hello Webflowers! I’ve been working on a free template (will be cloneable) that features some unique uses for the CMS.

It is about done, but before I showcase it, I’d love some feedback. This is my first template design and it was created specifically for service providers in/adjacent to the creative industry. Most of that demographic isn’t familiar with Webflow, so a LOT of the information in the demo site is a case for why they should choose Webflow over WP, Squarespace & Showit.

I’d love a heads up for any bugs/typos you find or suggestions to improve it. :slight_smile:
I’m still working through some proofing and browser testing.

  • Instead of the transparent sections showing the body as a background, you might try having those as different fixed images.

  • When fully scrolled the the bottom the contact form is cut off. You might try using vh to make the footer and the contact form match up to the bottom. Also, on the contact page it’s kind of annoying having everything separated like that.

  • On the blog page hover causes the text to change but the containers don’t change size. Just feels awkward. On the blog categories the same hover effect should be carried over.

  • The logo is a different size on the home page than the rest of the site.

Looks great though I love the style! Great job!

Thanks so much for the feedback!

What browser/device are you using when the contact form is cut off?

I really appreciate your time to take a look. :slight_smile:

For the logo, that is a new issue. Weird since the whole nav is a symbol. I’ve changed the size and it’s not recognizing it. I’ll give it a bit before troubleshooting it later.

Hi Katie,

This is a minor thing, but there is some kind of blue line artifact in the upper left bevel edge of the image in the What’s Your Brand Personality? section. At least on my current browser, which is Firefox on a Windows 10 desktop.


Looking good!


Thanks Matt! That is the progress bar on the quiz. Unfortunately, I can’t change the color. I keep debating on the keeping it or hiding it. The color is distracting, but from a UI perspective, I like having it. :confused:

Chrome on desktop, but I scaled down to check responsiveness and it looks fine.

The contact form being cut off isn’t an error, just a design preference on my part. There isn’t enough text that using vh to set the section height is going to squeeze out the text or anything. I just like it when there’s no overlap at the end of the scroll.

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Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: