New Web Agency website - base on Angular template

I love Webflow!

It’s nice.

One notice though is that on Retina 4K screen the logo is very blurry, be sure to use .svg’s for icons. :wink:

ah, thank you. Good to know!!

Fixed! and thanks for helping me be a better designer.

PS, I ran into issue with logo fonts converting. I converted the letters to outline. Built in Sketch. Just an FYI if anyone out there reads this. Got to convert to outline/path before exporting to SVG.

Quick question. I’ve tried to make the logo slightly smaller for mobile by adjusting size in CSS. When I do that, it shrinks down for desktop too. Is there a way to decrease it’s size in CSS only mobile?

Hello @susanmacphee, great work!

Put the image as a background image of a Div Block and that would help with the sizing on smaller devices.

Cheers! :wink: