New Website for Nonprofit Organization!

Hi everyone! Just launched this new website and I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m always looking for more efficient ways to design so any feed back is always appreciated. Let me have it :muscle:t3:. I always feel like I have too many classes. Thoughts?

You can see it here in the showcase!

Love this community. Love Webflow. :heart:


Whoa. Great Job on the design and all those interactions! Makes my head hurt thinking about programming all those.

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Thanks @DFink ! Webflow just keeps blowing me away.

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Hi @mackshirilla, good work! Maybe swap the landing section for the descriptive text as it was more communicative as a first time visitor on the site? Personally I’d keep the typeface as Rockwell or Lubalin Graphic (the block serif face) Tungsten possibly but the faux handwritten typefaces need to go in my opinion, which is a good design opportunity to open up headlines to those involved and let them write the headlines in their way?

@Sam_Sharpe good points! The client insisted on the landing section being the 4 boxes of options cause I had a similar thought to yours initially. Not sure I understand what you mean by your last comment…? I get you don’t like the handwritten font (this was part of their branding which I didn’t have a say in) but I had to incorporate it in some way. What do you mean by:

Thanks for your thoughts!

Also, just checked out your portfolio @Sam_Sharpe. Love your work!

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Nice one @mackshirilla. :clap:t2:
Great logo animation at the start !!!

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Man…that sucker is moving :slight_smile:

Animations/transitions aside I really like the branding, specifically the typography. The Rockwell, Gotham, and Lato work well together. The sizing and weight proportions warm it up for sure.

It was running a little slow, via desktop, decent connection, etc. If you haven’t already might, want to start with G Page Speed, see if there’s things to improve upon…

Good stuff!!

Hi @mackshrilla I meant maybe they could get some of the people they help to handwrite the slogan / strapline “explore other voices and discover your own” and maybe randomly use variants written by people involved as it would re-enforce the purpose of the organisation from a branding perspective, perhaps using peoples names under their hand written version? Could be a lot of work but also an opportunity to use the file upload feature to add these from scans?

A couple of examples/precedents:
Hato did this one for D&AD:
And a brilliant (and funny) older campaign website from Poke for prostate cancer awareness:
Website is flash and sadly no longer online:
PS thanks for having a look at my site and your kind words!
Cheers, Sam

@Sam_Sharpe whoa. I LOVE that idea! Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it.

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Thanks @path. I’ll have to check it out. I’m willing to bet my client is already loading it up with oversized images :expressionless:. Doesn’t matter how many times explain it to them.