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New Hospital Website Launched Today

Hey everyone,

I’m very excited to inform you all that today I launched my first ever complete, Webflow website.

I was honored to be chosen to design and develop the website of one of the most prestigious hospitals in the Middle East. They wanted to modernize their old website and wanted the ability to update it themselves. I was lucky to have started testing Webflow at that time and the CMS was also announced a few days before I got the proposal for this project.

This site is a multi-language site with English, French, and Arabic versions. and also of course completely responsive.

It had many challenges, however, I was blessed with the Webflow updates (options in dynamic collections, conditional visibility, rich text embeds, etc.) that came all in the right time to help me finish the site in less than 4 months. And of course, I was also blessed with the wonderful Webflow community and staff whose support and help was super useful; so, thank you guys.

Among the challenges I faced was the fact that I had many dynamic collections and content in 3 languages. Here, I want to thank @sabanna for helping me out with the dynamic collection structure…

Among the many advantages of this structure was the fact that when i duplicated my pages for translated versions, I simple changed the binding fields in the dynamic lists without having to un-link all bindings to change the collection and rebind the fields. :wink:

Another multi-language issue was the time formats and month names and such. Here, @samliew helped me incorporate moments.js in the site and now my site speaks 3 languages fluently :stuck_out_tongue:

I also want to thank @PixelGeek for critiquing my site a few times during the webinars; your notes were taken my friend, thank you.

And again I want to thank everyone at Webflow and the lovely community for the support here in the forums. I specially want to thank @cyberdave for being available at support@webflow, your support was invaluable. Thanks so much.

Finally, I was super happy that the client loved the site, and they are already considering new ideas for the future.

Now, I want to here your thoughts guys. I’m still learning and this was my first Webflow site, definitely not the last :blush: So, I’m glad to here your thoughts on everything in the site.


Well done Anna, I can imagine how much of a struggle it must have been! But you may be proud of the result.

One very tiny detail I noticed is the Levant logo, as if they are two words instead of one. The V and the A should be tighter together, but maybe you are not in a position to change this.

Good luck!

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Thank you @TomLamers Yes I am proud of myself.

Thanks for pointing out the logo issue.I really appreciate it :blush: Seems like a font issue.

Thanks again

Hi Anna,

Great site, well done!

However, I’ve also noticed a little error:

Within the sub-menus (eg Patients and Visitors, Departments and Services etc), the drop down nav bar’s items appear to jump up and down as one continues to scroll down and then back up. I am assuming this isn’t intentional :smile:

Otherwise, I’m sure your client will be happy!


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Congratulations, Anna! :slight_smile: It is really big project and you did great job!

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Thx @DanUK1

and thx for pointing out the glitch, I’ll check it :blush:

Thx @sabanna :heart_eyes:
Thx for helping me out with the codes and the dynamic stuff as well :blush:

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@Anna_Kelian How did you handle the translation feature? Manually? - the logo is jumping on hover and the telephone number on the right displays cut through (Win 7, FF 45.0, res.:1280 x 720)

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I’d also like to give feedback on the usability (I do not know whether you designed the UI or strictly followed the client’s vision, though):

a) general impression:

  • too much fad for no purpose. E.g. the fixed header is a horrible interface experience - it hides page space as you are scrolling, whereas you do not actually need the information in it (the header) once you have decided to read the content on the page. (Example: I am looking for the clinic address. I go to the contact page. As soon as I am there, I not longer care about what’s in the header - all I need is the address, as clear as possible - that is, a map, driving directions, picture of the facade, working hours, etc.). A fixed header does make sense in MS Excel (known as a “frozen row” there), but it makes no sense in a web site. Same could be said about the various effects - elements sliding, popping, etc as you scroll (e.g. in the about page) - it does look fancy, but it does not help you discover the information you are looking for in any way. Just on the contrary - it might distract and confuse a senior user or a user with little web experience.

b) page by page comments:

  • main page:
  • about page: text under “Our Vision” would look better if center aligned;
  • media page: the buttons at the bottom make no sense, as well on all other pages where repeated;
  • our doctors page: this should be the most detailed information in the site - your treatment depends on the skill, intelligence, training and attitude of the doctor. What I see on this page is a horrible pile of avatars with names, no meaningful information, no picture, no structure (e.g. by specialization or by clinic), no nothing :frowning: Btw, maybe I missed it, but I did not see any page mentioning the medical equipment in use in the clinic;
  • our departments page - too much information on one page. It could be structured via vertical tabs or sth like that, otherwise it’s too much and it is hard to skim or browse;
  • contact page: what sense does it make to put the web address in the lower left corner when a visitor is already in the site?
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@jdesign Yes, it was done manually. The client provided most translations. The pages were duplicated, content replaced and for Arabic, a class was added to the body to change text direction, font, and font-size.
The dynamic pages however have multi-language content. The client wanted it that way for sharing reasons.

Thx for the feedback @uzzer

@Anna_Kelian, for your first site, I think you have done an awesome job with this site. The word “Wow” comes to mind :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see site iterations on this site, and I will bet the next site is going to a wonder to behold :O) I am looking forward to the next site with anticipation :slight_smile: (sure there is always things to improve, but what a start, you are a natural :slight_smile:

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Awww thx @cyberdave :blush: Your support and kind words as well as the support of the Webflow community encourages me to keep learning and grow in this domain. I sure will learn and make better sites in the future. With you help and support guys, I believe everything is possible.

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@cyberdave I also can’t wait to see site iterations on this site. My client is already preparing content for phase 2 :wink:

This was a quick redesign of their old site (made in 2009) and we had to use content already available as they wanted a modern site fast (a big challenge for me as it’s my first big site and I had just started using Webflow.)

Also, as you know most clients have to be convinced of modern UI and such, so, the client gets what the client wants in the end. However, I do try to educate my clients as I myself learn about everything new in this domain. Those who keep learning, keep growing. That’s how I work: learn and teach and learn while teaching… So, we can all grow together :blush:

Again thx for the support and encouragement. I’m glad I’m part of the WF community :relaxed:


@Anna_Kelian, I think your client is going to love what you are going to help create for them next :slight_smile: New great features coming, the future is bright :slight_smile:


Awesome :heart: Thx Dave! And wish us all :wink: at Webflow the bets of luck :pray:

Complex stuff, well done Anna. I suspect I’ll check back on this thread when I want to get into multilingual webflow sites.

I noticed the phone icon on the footer jitters when scrolling over it (looks like it’s ringing), which feels bumpy. Minor issue though but if it just “popped” once it’d nicer (in my opinion).

Again congrats, must have been very satisfying to turn that huge, complex project in.

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Thx @Yaco for the feedback :blush:
That hover effect needs tweaking it seems. Thanks for pointing that out :+1:

I like to hear much of these CyberDave. Very excited. :slight_smile: