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New site for our agency

We have redone the website for our agency.
There are still some small bits and pieces to iron out.
Your feedback would be highly appreciated.


It’s a sick good design. Very clever. Well done. Good job on the people-pages!

I especially like your little details such as these:

and these, with hover interactions!!

There’s some small errors;

  1. Radgivning is translated “consulting” if i’m correct. See [here][1].
  2. [Not everything][2] is yes translated, as you are probably aware? This one i’d really like to be in English:
  3. In the English menu, it should be Jobs [instead of Jobbar][3].
  4. Maybe good to set a max-character on title of project, now it pushes down some content. See:

Question: how much time did it take you to make this?

Nothing but compliments, very very well done.

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this is stunning. Love the use of animated interactions throughout - its impressive without trying to be flashy.

The color palette is great too…might be adding that to my swatches :smile:

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Thank you for feedback @Diu .
We are aware of the missing translations :slight_smile: We are working on it. I did actually set a max-character on the text but when using localize.js the limit gets overridden somehow.

We used quite some time to do this site because we had to prioritize our (paying) customers and other thing so it has been a bit on and off. And also when we started the Webflow CMS was brand new and didn´t have all the functionality we wanted to finish the site. If we had started today making this kind of site wouldn’t take too long as Webflow is wicked fast to work with. :rocket:

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Skikkelig pent! @perkristian ! :smile:

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Hi @perkristian,

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the type choice, layout and especially love the use of the fixed header, I think the greyed out logo works fantastically there, I’m used to people using photography in headers but using the logo looks amazing! Well done.

My only feedback would be to make the portfolio tiles (which I also love in terms of layout!) a bit more defined on screen. I can see you’ve added a stroke, but maybe just make it slightly darker to define the edges of the tiles a bit more. It might just be my screen but the stroke looks very light to me. Alternatively you could change the background colour of the section to make the tiles stand out a bit more.

All in all, love it. Shows how good typography, consistent colour use (and not too much of it) and a good structure can make a beautiful site.


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Takk for det @StevenP :slight_smile:

@jamiesamman992 @EvanJones Thanks for great feedback. There are some tweaking and fixing to be done before it’s completely finished.
Cheers :beers:

Beautiful work, @perkristian! I’d love to share this with the community via Twitter when you’re all finished.

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Really stunning site @perkristian :smiley: and great utilization of the CMS!

I was wondering if it was intentional to have a blue border appear on select when you click in the header/hero area?

Again, fantastic job! :smiley:

Waldo :smiley:

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Great job @perkristian

I love, well, almost everything :grinning:

However, I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind:

  1. The language “switches” are tabs right? How effective is it to use tabs for search engines?
  2. How did you do the dynamic collections?
  • Did you create a collection for each language?
  • Did you add both language info in one collection with a language field?
  • Did you add all info in one collection and then simple change the bindings for each language in the dynamic lists?
  • or how did you do it?

I’m starting a multi-language site now and i’m curious of what is the best way to do this both for me as the designer and for the client who will be inputting the data later.

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Thanks a lot guys

Thanks a lot @jmw, that would be great. I´ll let you know when it´s done.

It was not the intention to have a blue border on the nav. Apparently it was a tab index that I didn´t remove that was on the nav element. Thanks, it´s gone now :smile:

We decided to go for localize.js for the translation. The switches are buttons that make the site translate using javascript on the fly. We are looking into how this affect SEO. If anyone have input on how the most SEO friendly way to do translation with Localize I would love to hear about it.

Found this:

If it had been possible in Webflow to have more than one collection template connected to the same collection we would have the possibility to duplicate the fields that we want to translate and bring those fields in to the new template collection. That way we only need to maintain the content that actually has to be translated. Then we could have done the whole translation in Webflow. Can you hear me @callmevlad? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @perkristian
I’ll check it out! But SEO is a big thing for me and my client.
Anyway thanks for the info :smile:

Fantastic work @perkristian :smiley: really, I applaud you, also great implementation on the Localize.js :smiley:

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Looks great.

Couple things… Not sure if you’re currently working on it atm but i get horizontal scrollbars also alot of white space under the footer. Latest Chrome on Mac os

Some bug. It´s gone now :smile:

Very nice! The hero text and subtle animations really draw the user’s attention.