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New website out ! :webflow_heart:

Hello guys,

I’ve just finished a new website for Paris Tech Review.
The live site is here :
I hope you like it :wink:
Do not hesitate if you see any bug.


First I opened the website and was like…
“Why is dis in French? Je ne parles pas aslmdaslkmd”

And then I saw you can change to english and was like…
:joy: :joy:

Looks really great :slight_smile:
Simple, but effective and full of interactions :smiley:

Thumbs up from me :+1: :+1:


Ahah thanks a lot @IggsTP

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Hey @zbrah

Didn’t find any bugs :slight_smile: Great job with this site ! Nice colors and UX.



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Nice site. Simple and clean.

+1 for the MPesa article.

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nice work. Love the use of the consistent interactions. Flows really nicely.

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Merci @Blaise_Posmyouck, c’est cool et ça me fait plaisir que tu aimes :wink:

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Yay thanks a lot @AlexManyeki, i’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jbleroux, yeah i’ve tried to contain myself on the use of interaction but definitely still a lot of them :smiley:

Beau travail, merci pour votre partage !

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Merci @instinctcreatif, super de voir des Français utiliser Webflow :wink:

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You have done an amazing job what i feel as an initial impression. Thanks you kept the language changing option. Well done.

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Thanks a lot @mariad :bowing_man:

is there a way that a bilingual website changes the language depending on the location it is accessed from?

I guess there is @HaBen but never did that.
I’m only doing the href lang for SEO/Search engine on multilingual sites.