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Dynamic multi-language site Best practice

8 collections with multi-references + 3 languages. NO locatlize!
What is the recommendation guys @cyberdave @PixelGeek @Arthur ? anything coming soon for multi-language in CMS and how shall we approach this now until the new feature is available? i.e. what will be the best practice that will make any future updates easily incorporated…?!

my main issues include:

  • the uploading of the same images 3 times for the 3 languages.
  • repeating a lot of field entries that aren’t language sensitive.
  • either having too many collections in the CMS (8*3) or
  • having too many items that cause linking nightmare if i use 1 collection for 3 languages which causes also template issues…
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Hello @Anna_Kelian,

I know your frustration :confused: Have the experience of working with multilingual sites.
I can share my ideas about organizing dynamic collections. I didn’t use it because I didn’t need individual pages for every item on different languages, but maybe for you will be useful.

  1. You create “Min collection” where will be all information that you will need. Fields that not language sensitive will exist only once, and for different languages create separate fields (for example 3 different descriptions - for 3 languages)

  2. Create 3 other collections, one for every language.

  3. In every language collection item will have only “name” field (standard) and “item info” field - reference to “Main collection”. It will be enough for using ANY information from “Main collection”.

  4. Every language template will contain information from Main collection through reference, but you can easy choose language sensitive field that you need for particular language type.

  5. Dynamic lists for every language collections will contain information only for particular language.

Positive side:

  • you will have links to every item with language “folder”: www.yoursite/eng/item1.html
  • you do not have to add few times info that aren’t language sensitive

Negative side:

  • you still will have to “link” particular items for every language collection



Thanks @sabanna I’ll try and see if this works for me. :slight_smile:

Let me know how it will go, really curious :wink:

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Hey @sabanna,
I am using the system you proposed and it’s really great. It has many advantages expect that one annoying thing that i can’t show multi-reference items in some cases. But since my client decided to feature all languages in one page, I was saved from another limitation which is the only 20 collections/site. So, thx a lot dear. This was my fix :wink: :kissing_heart:

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I have just launched a site with 04 languages, just like @sabanna suggested. The Portfolio I had to make 04 collections, but for the Agenda and Gallery, 01 collection for each was enough. References were a big help. The Portfolio listing was made with the great masonry tip from @sabanna. Making the project with Webflow was very very fun.


Compliments on changing this Webflow template in a great website. You kept the style of the Template but transformed it into your own site. Always cool to see my work taken a step further! Cool!!

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Thanks, but is you who does a very beautiful work!! I love your templates.