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First Webflow Site: ID Interieur

Hi guys,

Wanted to show you my first site in Webflow. I have been enjoying the pure power of webflow in it´s simplicity…

The site is for a company called ID Interieur (a Belgian interior company).

It just gives some minor information. I wanted to have the portfolio pics on the background while reading, and then hide the text if people want to see the portfolio pics when pressing “bekijk onze realisaties”.

Any comments are welcome. I haven´t had that much practice, so improving is always an option.


Hi, @Tom1984

First of all, congratulations with your first Webflow site :slight_smile: It is a pretty good start.

I like the simplicity of site structure, color scheme, and elegant style. :thumbsup:

Also, some moments I would criticize:

  • Moving background drives my attention away from the text information (maybe because I don’t understand the language :confused: ). Probably if you will change slider settings to “cross fade” it will be better.
  • I think menu links need some “air” between each other, just a little bit.


Hi @sabanna

Thx for the comments.

I originally got the backgrounds set to fade, but the client liked it rather like it is now. The client is king…

You might have a point on the menu though. Some spacing would be nice.


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