New Financial Services website

This one has been a long time coming, but here’s the final version of this investment research site.

It’s all been done from scratch - design, logo, copywriting etc. Unfortunately, the more complicated CMS is hidden behind a membership login section, so you can’t go beyond there, but you can get an idea through the video on the product page.

As always, your thoughts are welcome!


looks slick and professional.

i think the about page is too wordy - or not broken up enough. just a thought.
i really like the investment approach page.

how does the login work? it connects to a separate system does it?

Well, the login system is integrated, using an external platform, but it was not the easiest thing to implement and additional code is required. One also needs to use their login widget - it doesn’t work using a login/form that can be styled in Webflow, unfortunately. We tried!

I’ve also just found out that I can’t showcase this site anymore. But you can still check it out at:

Cool. thanks for the info!

Best of luck with it!

Hrm you should still be able to. Are you running into an error? Would be great to showcase it!

Hi Bryant @brryant ,

No, it’s not an error. I would like to showcase it, but unfortunately because the information in part of the website cannot be shown to the general public, it can’t be showcased as users of Webflow would be able to see it via the “Open in Webflow” designer link on the showcase page.

Perhaps this is something you guys should look at, particularly as you have now implemented password protected pages. All websites with password protected areas are unlikely to be showcased as then they effectively won’t be protected to anyone who uses Webflow or even those who stumble across the showcase page.