New digital marketing agency website

Hi All!

Thought id share this website I have built through Webflow. It features bg video, cms, blog etc. I wanted to share as it is using most of the features that Webflow supplies!

Live link:



I love the clean flat look. :blush: Although one thing to point out is the link is dead and you have to copy and paste the URL you provided. :wink:

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Clean and simple look! Personally, I would make the nav bar logo transparent or set to hidden until scroll, since you’ve already got the logo overlaying your hero video. I also noticed some errors on your “about us” page. Looks like the top section is cutoff or shouldn’t be visible, whichever you were trying to achieve. Also, two of your team member pictures (in the middle columns) are stretched vertically. Love the material design though.

Hi @jordanshotwell,

Thanks for pointing those issues out, they are now fixed. Good feedback on the nav, I will definitely look into that.


People underestimate the power and appeal of a clean minimalist design, especially when Webflow offers so much power in terms of interactions, and the ease to go way overboard.

Beautiful site. Far more impactful than if all of those elements were flying in from all corners of the site. Not much else to say. It looks handcrafted by a talented designer. = )


Thank you for those kind words @Darian.

You’re right though. You can easily get carried away for all the bells and whistles that Webflow provides. I love it nonetheless, its provided us a platform where we can pretty much build what we want!

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