New Design For Our Site - Would Love Some Feedback

Hey there,

our site is finally ready to go public and we’d love some constructive feedback.
It’s still a work in progress, so we will still change, tweak and fine-tune a lot of things in the coming months, but for now this is it:

So let’s hear it, it’s really appreciated!


I certainly like the more relaxed, casual approach to your site regarding your terminology and…certain phrases that could not be repeated here :wink: Regardless if that is the type of presentation and client you want, more power to you.

From a design standpoint I think it looks colorful and precise, though it looks inspired by this project here, which is more minimal but a unique layout. Some of my criticisms can be applied from that thread to this project. However I hope everything works out well with your new site!


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thx mate, glad you like it!

yep, we prefer clients who share our sense of humour :wink:

Actually, a major source of inspiration are the savages over at Their old site is just amazeballs.
They operate on a whole different level, though. way to go.

“Nah fam, too many words” :joy: and Wedd… no weddings ever!!! :joy:

Haha, thats excellent. Different having some navigation at the bottom but makes me feel scared. A bit.
Overall it’s great and your humour comes across brilliantly which sounds like exactly what you want.

EDIT: The only bad point is that you capitalised every word in some places. Why for the love of all things sacred would you do that?! :mask:

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Thanks a lot, man, this reeeeeeally great to hear. you have no idea!

the nav at the bottom scares you? :joy::joy: how so?

true all sub-headings are capitalized. not sure why I did it, just felt it looked neat and stuck with it.

Didn’t know I was breaking any sacred rules here. Anyone else feels like Markos about this?

The nav is just against the “normal” but in a good way. You’re a design company so it’s good to be innovative.

The bit I meant about capitilasation of the letters is in the “We Believe” section. Sentences with capital letters on every word makes the sentence difficult to read.

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OK Chris,

I did a video review. It’s rather long because I run through the entire site. (14 minutes and change). So I think I’m going to send it to you in a PM since I think it’s too long for other people to engage with or would want to sit through. I’ll link you in a couple of minutes when it finishes uploading. Hope it helps.

EDIT: After viewing the review video I sent in PMs, @CallMeChris has asked me to post it here as well. So, for better or worse, here it is… in all its 14 minutes, 31 seconds of glory. LOL YIKES! :rolling_eyes:


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aw man, you are absolutely right about that one!

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Incredible helpful stuff, can’t say it too often!

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Quick update:

We took up most of the suggestions made by you guys.
The site includes now a new form, which is a bit more accessible ( although my heart breaks lol), changed the copy in many places and, of course, sweet little labels for the arrow navigation on desktop. And and and…

Also fixed a hell lot of bugs now my head hurts :nerd:

Thanks for anyone who chimed in and helped us make build a better site. Extremely grateful!

Keep it up!