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My new company website - my first ever website!

Hi Webflow-ers,

I officially soft launched our new company website today and I’m proud to say, it’s the first website I’ve ever designed and built - from scratch!

I have always had a keen interest in web design - and design in general - but I could never get into coding because I’m an extremely visual person - coding was a no go!

But then I discovered webflow and whilst it was extremely difficult at first, over the months I’ve persevered and built up my ability to the point where I’m extrememly confident and ready to design more.

I’ve been amazed at how quickly HTML, CSS, JS and the relationships between these came to me when when I was given a tool that allowed me to visually see what was happening.

I wanted to share this website not only to show off (:grin:), but to demonstrate what a complete novice can achieve with Webflow. This site has taken around 8 months to build and has been through many, many iterations, but before touching Webflow 8 months ago, I had never written a single line of code or opened Photoshop before!

Thank you very much to @PixelGeek for your live streams. Whilst I’ve never joined one (I will one day!) I’ve watched all of them on Youtube over the past 8 months.

Thanks @Waldo for all your preview sites, which allowed me to investigate and learn how you build sites and how elements interact with each other - especially your 3D work.

And also, a big thank you to the webflow community as well. For everyone that has shared a site (Dynamic social links!), it’s been a big help over the past 8 months.

The site is below, so let me know what you think and if you find a broken link, or a spelling mistake, give me a shout!!

Direct Link

Webflow Preview Link

P.S thanks @callmevlad for creating Webflow!

P.P.S - currently a live bug with anchor links, but the guys are working on it


Wow, great job @irishbuckley - that looks way better than any website that I ever created! :sweat_smile:



Congrats and great job on the beautiful website design! Also, thanks for watching the live streams :heart:


Really nice website! Love all the animations!

Great job man!

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Excellent work - from zero to hero in 8 months, nice one

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Wow this is amazing @irishbuckley!!! Marvelous work!

Rainbow crying dolphin cannot even begin to express my joy right now, but was the closest GIF I could find to representing my feels :webflow_heart:


Those SVG icon animations are so slick! Very nice touch!

P.S. You should totally write a blog post about this experience so that I can share it with the :webflow_heart:orld


Just glanced at your site, but you did a great job!! Congrats!

And yeah, Webflow is da bomb! (Does anyone say that anymore? :slight_smile: )


AMAZING work!!

Stunning design, awesome interactions, and you should TOTALLY write an awesome post about this to encourage others the way @waldo and @PixelGeek inspired you!

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Very nice site @irishbuckley
Great work !!

Simply the best industry focused website I’ve seen on Webflow. Clean and professional, gotta love it, well done @irishbuckley!
The product you’re selling looks very cool as well, I’m a strong believer in social proof :wink:

Really nice website with great interactions, “but” i think it is a bit saturate of things. :wink:

Great job @irishbuckley! Gotham and Vesterbro. Smart type pairing. :+1:


Slick as f*ck! :clap: :sparkles:

Thanks for the feedback guys. WE offically launched last night to a select few clients and feedback was really positive to, so I feel quite proud today.

@Lux yes! Took a long time to find that combination, but I’m really digging it to. If you’re into fonts, and all things type in general, then I highly recommended you checkout the YouTube channel The Futur

It’s an amazing channel run by Chris Do who is the CEO of a design agency in LA called Blind. He does two hour long live streams on everything from fonts, logo critiques and branding - really amazing source of information and knowledge.

@Waldo & @Andrew - I might just do a piece on it! It’s been a bit of journey and I learned alot, so I’ll get some thoughts down and share it with you guys.


I added a showcase link for everyone, so if you’re interested to see how I built the site, feel free to check it out.

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I like the design of your site… clean, but not “empty” like some other designs I’ve seen of late. The content is good and doesn’t waste my time. Nice elements to the design with the icons and such. On the front end it’s very functional.

The structure of the site for SEO and digital marketing purposes is where I found a few issues.

Google Indexed 41 pages. My tools show 25 pages x2=50 total due to your use of two domains (more on that below)


  • No robots.txt file detected.

  • No specification between www and non-www on the site. This will make Google store two versions of the website and could cause duplicate content issues with Google search. _Use Google Search Console (formerly Google webmaster tools) to fix this issue to pick one over the other.


Title Tags:

  • 25 Duplicate Page Titles (x2 = 50 total), meaning that there is another one on the www side like the first found on the non-www side, not that they are all the same title on every page. (see example above)

  • 4 Titles are over 65 characters long so they won’t show the full Title in the browser or SERPs

  • 30 Titles are below 30 characters long. This is mostly on the non-www side of the site where you didn’t include branding such as did with: FAQ | Tagstar and the like

  • 16 Titles are the same as the H1 tag on the page.

H1 and H2 Tags

  • 25 Duplicate H1 Tags. 50, if you include both www and non-ww sides of the site.
  • 23 Duplicate H2 Tags. 46, if you include both www and non-ww sides of the site.

Meta Descriptions:

  • 21 Meta Descriptions are missing, 42, if you include both www and non-ww sides of the site.

  • These are what show in the SERPs in Google. Write these like ad copy and think CRO, not SEO. (These do not influence Google search at all.)

  • 3 (6 if you count both site side) are over 165 characters long, so they will be cut off in the SERPs view.


  • 50+ Images missing Alt tags.

That’s the basics of what I found. Nice job on the design of the site. Pretty impressive considering your time working with Webflow.

Take care,


Congrats with the new website. Totally understand how you must feel.

I’ve tried following the showcase link but couldn’t find your website.
Could you add it again maybe? Really curious to understand how you have built some things



Sorry about the showecase linke @octavian but out CTO requested for it be removed.

I have updated this in the OP to a completly random link name and shared this as a preview link instead, its also here if you like. It’s an exact duplicate of the live site, so browse around.

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Thanks so much for this @itbrian40! Honestly, that was really helpful.

As a designer, SEO is not my strong suit at all, but we’ve managed to clear up all those issues as well as the duplicatation problem.

I’ve completed a few of those SEO tools and now have a much more improved score! Woorank scores the homepage at 69, which I feel is quite good as that site is notoriously tough.

As a brand, we really need to work on backlinks and other means of blogs/new sites posting to us to build authority.

For the images, a lot of the images are background images, which I’ve added a custom data attribute to called title, which was suggested by @PixelGeek in another post, so hopefully that improves things.

We have one more SEO session this week before I resubmit to Google to do a fetch and indexing incorporating your suggestions.