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New company website launch

Hey everyone,

Me and a couple of other guys are about to go into business together. We are digital agency that can offer a broad range of skills for almost any business.

We would love some feedback on our new website. It is quite basic for now, but we definitely be evolving over the next few weeks.

Website link:




Heads up: Your dropdown for services keeps closing before I can click on any links.

That’s weird, it’s working for me in chrome. What browser are you looking at it on?

latest Chrome on mac

I’m using chrome on pc and it’s fine. But managed to replicate that on Firefox on PC.

I have taken off open on hover and it seems to have fixed it

This is some spicy stuff!

My only critique is that maybe you could have not put the items in the Services drop down. In this case, it might be best to use the Work page as an “All” kind of page (not sure what you would call it though). It just seems kind of redundant to have to (and I get why you got rid of the on-hover part) click on Services and then click again on a service. Other than that it looks great and you have some awesome content to present.

I really appreciate that the layout is considered pretty well and looks great together. And I like the forms and easy Wordpress-style/Joomla-style navigation at the bottoms of categories and pages. I also really appreciate that there isn’t a lot of reading to do. Although because there is not really any reading to do, it is easy to skip over what there is to read. So for instance on this page the text “Pensthorpe Natural Park is a multi-awa…” could have an color that goes well with the color(s) you see in the post. Just a suggestion; maybe it’s not a good idea, I don’t know.

But it all looks great!

Nice work. I like the simplicity. and some of your other designs are really nice too. I feel like more info about the team would be engaging for clients. seems like a bit of a black box at the moment.

i hope you don’t mind me asking what plugin you used for the booking form on the beauty salon website?

It is an app called


I could watch this for hours.

“You almost got it! You can do it, bro. Don’t give up!”

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Thank you very much for your feedback and your nice comments!!

I do agree with the services dropdown, it does seem kind of redundant. But I did want to get across the fact that the pages they were clicking on (website, 360 virtual tours or aerial) were pages that describe our services a bit more. Rather than the ‘work’ page being just our case studies. I could simply get rid of the dropdown and have ‘websites’, ‘360 virtual tours’ & ‘aerial’ as main links maybe.

Yes, I see what you mean, you;re not exactly drawn in to read that paragraph, like the bigger text paragraph’s on the other pages. I will have a play around with this and post a new version.


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Thank you very much for your compliments.

I completely agree, we do need more information about us. At the moment we don’t quite know how to tell our story in a coherent and useful way. We have have such varying backgrounds!!

And yes, the booking system on the beauty salon website is shedul. They are really good guys and very receptive to feedback etc. on their product. I have no problems whatsoever with them so far.


At least you know how to accept compliments :slight_smile:

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Your site is very clean and basic. A bit too basic for me, but “design” is a matter of taste. I might very well not have any.

As a Digital Marketer, I say “tell your story”… how did you all come together might be a good start. Since you’re all from different disciplines, I think that might be an interesting read. Websites are a departure from the other two. In the end of the story, pull it all together nicely.

The similarities are between the 360° tours and aerial views because they are both a kind of “tour” of something: a building, a space or an area… maybe even an event. I think that these two could also benefit from a light opacity background, “hero” video behind the entry copy to create interests in the services since that is what you’re selling. Not every product or service can use video to promote its services in this way, so I’d take advantage of it.

I’d place the social media buttons at the bottom of the page. Even with opening the click target on a new page, it takes people off your site and out of sight is out of mind. At the bottom of the page, visitors may actually have more to say on social media than upon entry.

Having an email icon at the top… upon clicking, launches the default mail client. If none are setup or the default isn’t configured because they use Microsoft Office, but use Gmail and not Outlook, several configuration dialog boxes can pop-up, ruining the engagement with your site. Besides, you have a contact form at the bottom of each page anyway, so consider removing it.

On mobile, please put your phone number in the header or a floating footer nav or in a modal, so I can tap to call you (hands free, of course) if I’m driving and need to speak with someone directly. Make sure the modal isn’t overly intrusive.

Please… PLEASE! Change your contact forms’ CTA to something other than “Send”. Something like: “Send my message to the Prevolution team” or something much less generic. “Send” is like you don’t care and aren’t even trying. Don’t worry about how wide the button is when you do this. This can also reinforce your brand.

Just my 2¢.

Take care,