Streaming live at 10am (PST) - online application

Hey Guys

I just finished my new website - my personal online application.

Would be grateful for some feedback from your side :wink:

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Lovely hover effects on these pieces!!!

They looks really REALLY good :smiley: nice work!

I would maybe add a link to the arrow down button on the hero image, the arrow disappears on over, but there is no link there, if you change the div out with a link box, and put the arrow in there, then link it to the next desired section, that would be really nice :slight_smile: makes it even easier for the user.

Great use of show/hide expanding boxes and tool tip type pieces telling users where to click. I like that! Overall super nice site.


Waldo :slight_smile:

Hi Joel,

Looks very nice indeed, nice way to promote yourself.

What I notice on your site, and on a lot of Webflow sites, even all over this forum, is that with some texts, when you hover over and off you see the text ‘flickers’ or get more or less bold. To me it looks like a bug. Try it yourselves on these texts:

Is this a Webflow or CSS bug? Maybe someone of the Webflow staff wants to chip in?


Thanks for your positive feedback guys :smile:
I already realized this “CSS Bug” or what it is a several times. But only with IE or Safari… not Chrome. Is there a statement or fix from Webflow Team?

Hi, I believe this is a browser/css issue… See this post, it may help:

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I like the design, although the menu needs some styling. Use a bold font in white against the green background with 0.8 opacity or something. Maybe even give it a percentual width.

Just an idea :wink:

Hey Diu

Thanks for your feedback. I did a try… Think the Green really seems to look better :wink: