New Site Nearly Ready for Launch

Just finished up this site and am running it through some testing before launching. Would appreciate feedback about any errors or function issues.


It’s functioning really well, and nicely optimised. There’s only a few things that I’ve noticed:

  1. The Current state on the mobile nav is very close in colour to the background (Service on the below screenshot). So you might want to consider giving that more contrast to help with legibility.

  1. On the responsive test. The Our Mission section had a few problems. i.e. on mobile view the spacing was a bit out between the three items and the paragragh following. And they also had a bit more padding from the edges than the following paragragh, which looks wrong imo. See below:

As you move up to mobile landscape size (480px and above). The three items are too squashed in 3 column layout, as you are only getting one or two words per line. So you might want to consider adjusting these.

I hope that helps and nice work.

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Thanks. I’ll take a look at those items.

Very sharp. Great work!

Thanks for the feedback.

Hey. I know that guy on the right.

It’s been awhile… but I’m pretty certain that’s Craig.

EDIT: ahh. I see now. That company does BI.

I’m a former BI guy. That’s how I know him.

Small world, I guess.

smaller than it used to be.
6 degrees used to incredible.
now it’s more like 3 or 4 now.