New Personal Website Concept

Hey guys

I’ve started work on a new design for my personal website & would appreciate any feedback on how it looks so far…

Here’s the current site:

It’s for my music, so the concept primarily is to drive people to listen to the release (hosted on Bandcamp)…I may revisit at some point & add modals for release summaries, press, audio stream etc…would be interested in what you guys think!

The interactions are based on the hover-over effects on Bunker Agency’s site:

No idea how i’m going to scale this to mobile just yet…we’ll see :smile:



I really liked the fonts you used and their respective background videos. It is so simple but also very attractive.

For other 3 sections (About, Discography and Contact) is the current design suddenly blocks my view and blocks me to keep the flow of the document. I can not realize what happened to the menu, the links and the overall image at first sight.

I’d suggest after a section click, move the whole content left and make the new info section stick to there and move the close button stick to the newly displayed section.

Thanks @Tolga_Inam - appreciate the feedback.

I agree with you on the about, discog & contact sections: i think it need rethinking slightly reworking to improve the UI. I might just do as you suggested :slight_smile:

Hi Evan,

Agree with what @Tolga_Inam, your font choice is spot on! Love the elegance of the landing page. The hover interaction is beautiful also, I’ve seen it on a couple of other sites (Instrument use it on their landing page) and it works brilliantly, but I think yours is even nicer with video! Well done, looks mint.

I think the sections that need more work are the about, discography and contact parts. I don’t think you need to redesign much (I like the slide in from side) but just make some tweaks to make it easier to use. When you click any of the links, the actual box isn’t scrollable, so set your overflow on the box that appears to scrollable then people can see all of the text. Also, I found it frustrating that the close button was all the way up in the top left corner, maybe move it closer to the box or better yet (I don’t know if this is doable but worth a try!) make it so you can click anywhere outside of the box to close it. Last thing, maybe just add a couple of things inside the discography and contact boxes to make them slightly more interesting as there is a lot of blank space, some album artwork in discography and maybe a couple of icons for your social links might work?

Love the site though and think it’s very inspirational as a one-page design, shows how you don’t have to make everything parallax scroll nowadays!


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