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New Baker Website with 2 blogs - Criticize Please

Hello forum friends. Here is a new website i just finished for a client and would love your feedback. This one was unique for me as it has 2 blogs in it so i really had to learn the CMS a lot better.

So check it out please and let me know your thoughts

or for the big show.

I think the biggest issue i’ve come across is having a photo size set for the CMS but the user not knowing how to crop images correctly. Or putting the wrong size images in. Would love it if there was a cropping feature in the CMS for them.



Hey @oceanandsnowdesign nice site! Clean and tidy.

I was viewing it on my phone, when I checked out a blog post and saw this:

Something was pushing the screen size out of wack?! Scrolling through it was this link to Spotify? Might be a bug versus your fault?

Other than that the mobile version looks good and easy navigable :smile:

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Thanks so much for finding that. Yea, looks like a bug. i fixed it with a shortened url for the client.

No problem, glad I could help,


I like the overall website though am not really feeling the overall paragraph text. I just don’t feel as if it goes with the elegant style. I also don’t like the contact area, feel it is way too busy with all the text. One last thing is that I don’t see a point why there is a contact form, then a map, and then another contact form for what seems to be the same thing…Just confused me and might confuse clients about which contact form is the right one to use. Other than that I enjoyed the website and the design aspect to it. Great job. Sorry if the criticism seems too harsh, I do not want to be rude, I’m just a cool dude without an attitude. :wink: Cheers!

No worries @VLADinSACRAMENTO There is a contact form in the footer so that there can be a form on every page. That was something that a consultant that my client hired recommended. He actually wanted to have more contact forms and i got them down to this many. Thanks for your feedback.