Constructive feedback on new website

Hello everyone, I created this site in Webflow and would love any constructive feedback before I push live. Many thanks, James


Looks like you know what you’re doing, awesome site :grinning:

Feedback, flow-of-thought-wise.

I like the aesthetic a lot.

Your sidebar feels a little large.

Is it “portfolio” or “work”? Consistency there would be good.

“web designer that is based in Wiltshire and London” should be “web designer based in Wiltshire and London” OR “web designer who is based in Wiltshire and London” - “that” is for things, “who” is for people

Picture is great. Definitely no hipster beard. I am hoping you know your target audience well enough to be sure you didn’t just accidentally insult some of them.

Too many testimonials. Not enough contrast. Couldn’t bring myself to actually read through one of them because my eyes were wandering.

Portfolio and presentation are both wonderfully fantastic. This section is extremely well done aside from the aforementioned conflict in naming. Only negative feedback is that the bottom of this page feels abrupt. Maybe a blurb would help to give a sense of finality.

I initially read it in my head as, “Contact… NO!” so maybe just put “Contact #” or suck it up and do “Contact Number”.

The “What I do” sections load quickly enough, so maybe it isn’t a big deal, but I didn’t feel like each one had enough content to justify its own page. Know what I mean? Not sure what other route you could go. It just feels… not as cohesive and planned as the rest of the site. It feels kind of like an afterthought or something that was built using a template.

Overall, it’s great. I like it. Could launch it without taking a single bit of my advice and be successful, I’m sure.

Cheers Jorn! Thanks you

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Hi Cricitem
Thanks so much for your feedback – some really good points. Thank you!!



What is wrong with hipster beards, are beards ok but hipster beard are not or what is going on here? :grin:

Heh. I’m actually not entirely sure what the difference is! Probably length.

Hipster length? :grin:

only a joke. I would grow one if I could! haha

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Yours looks good! I am jealous!

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@jamescm yeah, I know smile:

About your site. There’s much to like about it. One thing that bothered me a bit was the right border at the end of each link on the Home page. I had trouble knowing to which link that line belonged to and then on the last one the border was really far away from the text. Sometimes there is these little things :grinning:

cool - will look into that also

Well thank you, sir :smiley:

Thinking of starting a new thread:

‘Constructive feedback on designer’s beards’

I can never get past the itchy stubble phase!

You lack discipline.

If the gray is real, no. If the gray is fake, yes.

I’d call that 90s-Hetfield length.