Feedback: New website for our design agency

Since we have been designing for all our new clients using Webflow (and absolutely love it), we decided to also move our own website into Webflow and do a little design upgrade. The website was published today, and we are very curious what other think about it. The CMS will make our life so much easier when it comes to publishing work, sending data through Zapier, and writing blog posts!

Link: or

The website contains a blog at the bottom (inspiration from, a few elements with material design (thank you Google), top container overlapping the hero section is from the Webflow blog, and other inspiration from a few Wordpress theme demo-sites (Foundy, Hygge and Stockholm). Our company name means “mountain top”, and we wanted to include many mountains/fjords from the part of Norway we are located in. Other than that, we aimed to make it easy for visitors to contact us.

Any feedback is appreciated! Below is a few screenshots from the website:


Great design!

I would however on section 3 (Våre nyeste prosjekter) change the background image to a color or make the box on top smaller because the background image is barely visible.

Very clean site!


Thank you so much for that tips, I totally agree with you! Doubled the padding on that section now :smiley: Much appreciated!

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