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Relaunched my personal website

This is my first show and tell. I’d like to get some feedback on the overall feel and continuity of my new personal website.

Let me know if you have any ideas to make it better! Would love to hear your thoughts! or

Thanks so Much

Bill D


Lovely site @oceanandsnowdesign :slight_smile: I noticed that the “Explore My Daughters Cupcakes” link wasn’t connected yet, but otherwise the site is looking great. Very tasteful use of interactions & 3D Transforms :slight_smile: and I just really like the look & feel of the site. :slight_smile: Great job!

P.S. The copy in the contact section made laugh :hand: high-five for that haha

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Thanks @Waldo ! Especially for noticing that dead link. Any chuckle is certainly worth a :hand:

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Nice one!

Really dig how the logo turns around to show your picture but you can still see the mirrored logo shining through. The tiny details…

also great job on the colors. all pretty smooth on my eyes :smiley:

keep it up!


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Feels very clean and intelligent. Awesome job :+1:

Suggestion (personal): I would like to have access to menu during scrolling all site. But like I said it is just personal feeling. :wink:

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Thank you! I was thinking of adding that so now i definitely will

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@sabanna i added the nav bar in while scrolling and added in an animation to load it on scroll and i like it much better. What do you think?

Love it! :smiley: It feels like a “whole piece” now :relaxed:

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I added in the 3d transform under branding @PixelGeek what do you think? I’m still trying to think of what would look better for the logo tab. Any ideas?

Hey Bill,

checked out your site again and it seems you actually changed up quite a lot, or I missed a lot the last time I looked.

So here is some more feedback you:

I really like the ten-second banner. That’s witty and to the point. Meaning it works.

I’m kinda undecided about the way you present your favorite project. Love the idea but something is (slightly) off there. Maybe level the orange box with the button. But it could also just be that I’m really turned off by putting 2d images into a 3d realm without anything. Looks kind of cheap (to me at least).

And I think the same applies even more so to your 3d-transforms in the ‘services’ section. I’d suggest you put all these images into Imac and Ipad mockups, like your did for the mobile version of ‘My daughters cake’. Probably that’s all it take to make things look classy again :smiley:

There you go, hope this helps.

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I appreciate the feedback and totally agree with evening the bottom of the orange section with the button. I did that and it looks better.

Im still thinking of ideas for this other “2d” parts of my site. I had my responsive section for a time in mockups and i didnt like it but it just may have been the wrong mockups for me. Im going to keep playing with things over the next few weeks. I think my next big piece to clean up is the logo design tab. Its a lil blah.

Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated

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