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New at webflow and looking around

Hi everyone,
Adobe made a great dicission to close Muse down and left Musers in the cold. I am looking around for replacement that fit my needs as a designer.
Webflow looks great and I am re
aly exited to start with it. Only a few questions I have:
Is it possible to use my own hosting?
Can I add an availability calendar?
Intergration Shopify?
Can I use my own language?




  • Hosting can only be done without using the CMS (HTML & CSS can be hosted on your own)
  • Bookingsystem can not be build at this moment (no login and no calender options)
  • No Multi language support, (yet) but you can build your site in your language offcourse

That don’t mean its nothing for you…
Most important thing as designer is that you can make wat you have in your mind…
Webflow is groing fast… so i think we will be able to do these things in a few years. I host all my sites in Webflow, its fast with CDN.

Hi Koen,

Thnks for your fast respons. Webflow looks real good . Proberly even better than muse. I saw that Shopify can be intergrated? For the calender I can embed in code I guess?

There is somewhere an article about different calenders software…
I use this one, but its in Dutch…

Thnks. Do not misunderstand me but after looking around at WF and reading the forums, I have only one issue. There is no FTP hosting that I can choose myself like with Muse. The hosting on WF is quite expensive. Or did I mis something here?

I am dutch… :slight_smile: and i promised myself not to complain about the Webflow prices anymore!

I am Dutch as well😁 Is it only the Dutch who look critical at prices? Maybe you’re right and I have to look only to this great tool. But I have the feeling I loose a little bit of freedom. I pay for the full creatieve cloud €49,99 p/m. I am willing to pay this or even more to WF to have the freedom to choose my own FTP.

So with this considering, I am not sure yet.
Never the less… I am impressed by WF and it’'s even better than Muse. There are other players around like Pinegrow and Wappler wich I check out as well.

Hi @Michiel

Welcome! You will certainly find a range of opinions here on Webflow hosting prices - but for me I can relax knowing it’s some of the best, fastest, most stable out there - and it’s seamless with the tool itself - no FTP work needed.

Some users prefer to export their code and FTP it - I prefer to keep it in the same place, knowing I can reach out to the same support team as I would with any Designer or account issues.

In terms of exporting the code, you will need a plan that allows it, however you can upgrade/downgrade your ‘Designer’ plan at any time. can advise further on that option.

Availability calendars - you could look at these two posts for ideas:

E-commerce - you can find lots of posts about that on the forum for sure!

Webflow has of course recently announced they are working on it:

You can embed Shopify buy buttons for example, and there are other examples like Ecwid and Plasso working with Webflow - again search away - there is also some further detail on integrations here:

Myself and many others have worked with @foxy to make online stores with Webflow - the beauty of their integration is that you/the client can manage the products inside of Webflow, rather than managing listings in two systems. Foxy have a page for Webflow, and offer support above and beyond the call of duty :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope those are useful!


Hi StuM,

The community is what I like for sure:smile:. Great answer…thanks for that. Like I have said still looking around. I have some projects running and gave my clients some promises about functionality in their website. With Muse I am familiour and convedant but with their latest anouncement I have to start to learn a whole new system. If I decide to stick with WF I will fire a lot of questions in the community. How is support from WF themselfs?

Great - I can definitely say it’s worth learning this new system, and once things click, you will have new superpowers. Fire your questions here in the forums - not only are there answers, but quite often workarounds or custom code where WF doesn’t have native functionality. (You can see and vote for wishlist items here by the way )

Customer support is great, and Vlad mentioned in his recent livestream that every member of Webflow’s customer support/success team and QA team is a former customer/forum member…which speaks volumes for the type of support you receive.

You can read the statement of support here:

The contact form can also be reached at the top of this page or at:

Also if you are in the ‘Hosting’ tab of your project’s settings you can access live chat (another element of reassurance when setting up custom domain pointing or other account issues)