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Using webflow for business

Good day everyone!
i would like to discuss few things with you looking for help from you so i can take a decision!

i came across webflow almost a month ago and i confidently i can say i am able to use it properly now! initially i am a font end designer and like expected yes webflow cant be compared with working with developers. however, i have the following doubts:

1- Webflow sites compatibility with different browsers! does it work well on all browsers?
2- in case of buying a webflow hosting, what about the emails?
3- is is built using webflow??
4- what is webflow capability to make interactive sites like eCommerce sites or for example job search portals? or it is good for regular small sites like agency sites, corporate site?

the reason behind my question is that i want to buy a designer account which is 24usd per month and i can see the hosting is about 20USD per month too, i need your assistance in order to realise if i can completely remove the developers form my mind and still run my business effectively.

thank you,

Better than I could ever achived by writing my code manually, and I’m not a newbies in HTML/CSS. Since Webflow, I quite never spent time on fixing browser issues.
Your #1 isnt an issue at all.

Webflow only handles the http, ww part of the domain. You continue to deal with whatever emails system you have in place, from your registrar. A domain is made of many components (www, mail mand many other things) that are set up independently.

When making the appropriate changes to link you domain to a webflow site, if you don’t screw up and delete other records, your email will just be fine.

No, they used a combination of Weirdpress, Drupale and Toonla, because they wanted HTML frames and Webflow doesn’t support it.

E-comerce is possible trough 3rd party services (search on this forum). The main limitation, for the moment, is that there is no user system, so youcan’t have visitors profiles etc. Apart from that, sky is the limit. There’s a CMS and Webflow isn’t limited to simple corporate websites.

I’d say get the plan, get the hosting, try it for youself! I’m sure you’ll do good, and you’ll get some help from here.

Oh, I lied for the answer to the question #3, it was just a joke :slight_smile: Of course is made with Webflow. all their pages are, their blog, everything. Sometimes they add some code or services to add some features, but what you see is what you get with Webflow.

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See the full list here [List] Official Webflow Sites and Preview Links


I’ve been using Webflow for over 2 years to build websites for my clients. I think it’s great. :slight_smile:

Webflow works great in most browsers - I love not having to worry about browser compatability any more.
You can use a different company for emails - I personally like Godaddy for email.
Webflow is built using Webflow - They have a Made in Webflow badge on their own site.
Webflow is good for regular sites. You can also add a separate ecommerce platform to any websites with Webflow, which works great for small ecommerce websites.

Teresa :slight_smile:

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