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Is webflow free or should I pay?

Due Adobe is not updating anymore Adobe Muse, I am searching for a replacement and all people say that webflow is quite better than Adobe Muse. However, I have some doubts. I number my doubts, as follows:
1) I have read that webflow is free… and that you only pay if you hire the hosting with them, but what happen if I design my website with webflow and then I decide to hire the hosting with a different company. Will I be able to design my website for free?
I mean, free users have the same design capabilities as paying members?
Or free users will have less features, less functions and they will develop websites with lower quality because they are just free users?

2) May I create, design and customize forms with webflow? I would like my website has a form, and I would like it be a working form. May I do this with webflow? How, with a widget?

3) Is there any community in Spanish where I can get training videos, solve my doubts, etc?

Those are my doubts, if someone could help me, I will be grateful.

  1. Everything is free until you either want to host it with Webflow or you want to export your code to host yourself. To export the code (and get rid of the “Made in Webflow” mark) you need an account plan:
    You’re free to do whatever with the exported code, but you won’t be able to use Webflow’s excellent CMS.

It’s free to try out, with almost all the features even in the free version.

  1. Forms are an integrated part of Webflow. You can literally add one in seconds, and it just works. You either get a list of the submissions in your control panel or you can set it up to email you the submissions.

  2. Not that I know of. It’s mostly here on this forum. The Webflow “University” is a series of articles and videos in english:
    It’s extremely easy to follow and learn from, and there’s a video for pretty much every button in the editor.

Hello, thanks for your replies.
I still have some doubts:

  1. What is the “Made in Weblow” mark? Is it embedded with the code? If it is embedded with the code, may I edit the code and remove the mark on my own?
  2. I don’t know very well what is CMS. I think this is something related to how you handle the structure of the website. Wouldn’t I have the flexibility of Muse to add pages, remove pages, etc., without using CMS?
  3. Will forms work fine even if I do not host the website with Webflow? I ask this because as far as I know I think forms depend on an external program made in php, etc. How the forms work? Is this a widget I drag and drop and configure the options?

Hi @wipeout01,

  1. The “made in Webflow” badge will remain as long as you stay with a free Webflow hosting.

  2. You won’t be able to add pages, remove pages if you do not use the CMS provided from Webflow, not easily at least. You can always update your website on webflow, then export your site again, upload your entire exported package via FTP on your server.

  3. Forms will not work if you are not using Webflow hosting. You’ll have to use other form’s action.php for your form to be handled by whatever service you wish to use.

To sum it up, I’d say a Webflow :webflow_heart: hosting would save you a lot of hussle :slight_smile: