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CMS Calendar for Holiday Lets

My client rents out her cottage for short breaks / holidays. She uses a couple of agencies as well as self promoting. I need to design her a calendar that she can update when that particular date is booked. Ideally she would like the booked dates to be just a black X on a grey background. The available dates would be the date on a coloured background. Has anyone a clue where to start?

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Easiest solution would be to just use Google Calendar and embed the calendar into the site.

Thanks @PixelGeek - I looked at that, but I can’t see how she could blank out a day and overlay with a black cross on a grey background or how the dates could be colour coded to show low, min or high season?

Hi @Roxzanne

Have a look at for an embeddable calendar like you describe - customisable too.

There’s not something native to webflow at the moment - maybe one day in a component marketplace eh @PixelGeek ?



oooooo good find!

Ah, just remembered, this one too:

I’m yet to see a client using these in the big wide real world, but both are quite easy to work with for the client, and to embed into Webflow. Here’s the Brolmo version on a site I have in development:

Let me know if you find any other solutions!


Thank you everyone - I will take a look at each of them :slight_smile: