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Im new here and I have a few questions

First of all, hello everybody and thanks in advance for all the answers I will get to my questions. I am very impressed seeing how active this community is. To be honest I was a little skeptical or better yet (concern) about this “Web Based” softwares like Webydo and this one. But after seeing the results of what Webflow can make, it really caught my attention.

I am a graphics designer or well “I was” back in the 2000 to 2010 (Due to military i stopped) but I still have my skills, I am just a bit rusty. When I talk graphic designer I used Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and CorelDRAW. I used to do “Mock Ups” and my friend who was a programmer made the websites a reality in Dreamweaver. He always said “man you should learn how to code, so yo can see how hard it is to compile your websites” thats why, this “designer based programs are interesting to me”.

Saying all that I have a few question that I wish you guys can answer me, again thanks in advance.

1: If I have a client and he wants to edit the website info without altering the design it is possible?

2: What if the client wants to use its “own” hosting company?

3: Do I need to go to websites such as “” to get a domain for the websites I created?

4: If I have a client that is selling goods or it is using cart services, how can de client edit his goods?

5: Adobe Muse CC… Why should I choose Webflow over Muse CC what can Webflow do that Muse can’t?

6: Is Safari a good browser for Webflow? If so how can I use “real” full screen in the browser? I hate to see the “search bar” I like to feel that i am working on a desktop program instead of a web based one.

I have a few more questions but as of right now I will start with those since those are the most important to me (I guess) or I may forgot the other ones.


Thanks you for this…

Very Respectfully


Hello welcome to Webflow.
I am a recent newbie but I al already having lots of fun with webflow
I will give you my answers as a current WF customer:

  1. This one is tricky. You would need to give you client access to your webflow account and specify with a manual of sorts which sections he can or cannot edit. Yes, he can make silly putty of the design. What I would do in this case is create the templates here and hook them up to a CMS like Wordpress.

  2. In the PERSONAL plan you may export your code (HTML / CSS / JS and assets) and take it to whatever server you want.

  3. WF gives you a subdomain ( but if you want to have it on its own domain you may do so starting at the PERSONAL plan, I think they charge extra.

  4. Through the cart service. Again, I would create the templates in WF and hook in an ecommerce platform

  5. Muse is great but WF is simpler. A plus for me was its similarity to Bootstrap.

  6. Chrome is the recommended browser for using webflow. You can always hide the URL by entering presentation mode


Hi Feli,

Unfortunately, Webflow does not have a built-in Content Management System right now (Though it would be really cool if they built one :smile: ). Your clients can use their own hosting companies, all you need to do is to export the code and upload it onto their hosting account. You will need to buy the domain from an external source, such as “” or “”; and point them to your website (there are simple instructions on how to do this if you use webflow as your host).

For e-commerce, webflow does not yet have an integrated tool. However, a checkout system named “PayStand” supports webflow, and they even have a tutorial on integrating e-commerce functionality on your site! (You can find it here:

In my opinion, webflow is much better than Adobe Muse CC in many ways. I find webflow easier to use, it’s considerably cheaper than Muse CC (Muse CC costs you $24/month, unless you have a Creative Cloud subscription, which is $50/month), and you get much more bang for your buck.

Safari is good, but webflow works best with Google Chrome, and you can enter presentation mode like @makloon said.

Have fun!

Thanks you both for your quick response. It helped me a lot so far.

Again, Thanks you!

I forgot to mention;

can I use ECWID for the E-Commerce concern? if yes; how it would work?

Thanks in advance.