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Availability calendar


I am about to build a website for a holiday apartment. I would like to add a simple availability calendar that would just show which dates are available. Ideally, this would be something like this: As far as I understand, it would be impossible to embed ajax calendar into a webflow website. Am I right?

All I need is just dates that are available or not. I don’t want to pay extra for this until the apartment starts making money, as so much money went into it already.

I would be grateful for your suggestions.


Hi Sessionone,
Although this is a recurrent request, Webflow doesn’t has an integrated solution yet.

You can check the following apps and try an integration.

Here you have some suggestions:

I’m a big fan of Calendly, myself:



Thanks for your suggestions.

I was actually looking for something really simple. I do not need a booking system YET. I just need a calendar on my website which shows which days are available. Nothing more… Also, I am planning to offer the website in multiple languages, so customising the calendar is very important.

Thanks again. I hope that Webflow staff will add this feature soon.


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