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Nested pages under a parent page?

Hi, I currently have a 3 pages on my site:

I would like to nest addition pages under a parent page ie:

The folder method let’s me assign the slug to be “” and then add “subpage1” and “subpage2” inside the folder. But how do I create a visible HTML page that uses the slug “” if it is already claimed by the folder? Am I missing something?

Also, I do NOT want to use a CMS collection to accomplish this.

Hey @adam1 :wave:

This structure is possible. Create a page and a folder then make sure that they have the same slug. Depending on the order they’re created, the slug may get a number appended to the end. If that happens, simply delete the extra characters. Hope that helps. I’ll also include some screenshots below showing the setup. Let me know if you have any questions.

Create a page with the desired name and slug values.

Then create a folder and give it the same value for the slug as the page.

Lastly add subpages inside the folder.


Thanks, Matthew! I didn’t know you could have the same slug for a folder and a page. This is exactly what I needed :raised_hands:


Yeah I didn’t know the folder & page could have the same URL. So amazing, thank you!

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