What is a workaround to making an existing page a parent folder?

Is there a workaround to making an existing page a parent folder?

Since I’m not the original creator of the website, I have to work on the existing structure of the site within Webflow. Unfortunately, I’ve come across a situation where I have to make landing pages that is nested under an existing page, however I can’t make the URLs to be like this:

Existing page: domain.com/page-1
Proposed/New page: domain/page-1/subpage-1

What happens is when I write the slug it becomes:


I am aware of CMS collections but I’m not keen to use this since I want unique layouts per subpage. Ideally, I would want /page-1 a parent folder then create subpages.

Any workarounds?

That’s not right, that indicates 2 folders nested, or perhaps a folder with a cms page nested.

It will help a lot if you share your readonly project link and a published site link.

From your description, what you’re asking for can be done natively, easily.
If it’s more complex than that, I use a reverse proxy to allow full path flexibility.

I had the same situation with a static “Services” page. I had to add service categories pages under it and this to be show in the url like this “website/services/main category/sub-category”.



To achieve this, first you need to create the Service page, THEN the Service folder. After that create Main services page in Services folder (from the "+"icon of the folder, not the whole project, otherwise you’ll need to set up redirects when dragging the pages into the folder). The same procedure is for the subcategories in that folder - first create pages, then folders and you’re good to go.


And in your case, when the pages are not created in the folder, you need to drag them in it and change their url 301 redirects. Because before draging, the page url is for example “yourwebflowsite/services” and after draging in a folder it becomes “your website/services/nested page”

If you dont change 301 redirects, the link to this page will be broken (404)

I hope this helps, and sorry for the poor english :slight_smile:


I think I understand your method. And based on your example, that would work (which has been very noted!).

However, I only want 2 levels in the URL. Like this:

Service Page: domain.com/services
Sub-Services: domain.com/services/sub-service-1

The Service Page I have is already built. So I would now like to add “new” pages under it, so to speak.

@memetican the above is what I am looking for. When I renamed the folder to /services (to make the URL the same as the Services static page), later on it became /services-2

Sorry, I couldn’t paste the read-only link due to privacy but I hope this was clear. I’m not exactly a dev but appreciate all of your input!

Hi Steph, just rename it back. If you’re seeing redirects happening, you can just remove the ones Webflow auto-creates from your site settings.

Thanks, I forgot to mention that the folder name comes automaticaly with number, and needs to be renamed.