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Multilingual Site with various subdomains (/en and /fr)


Thank you very much in advance for any advise or help regarding this topic.

I’m developing a website for a Spanish company that is currently under a international expansion process in France and UK.

Each of those regional offices have specific products and services, so each international version of the site will have a similar design with different content. This is why I’ve chosen to use a sub-folder structure, with a /fr and a /en variant for each regional site (as per Google recommendations), in the same way that Apple does on its international websites.

I would like that, depending on the language of the operating system of the computer visiting the site, the visitor gets automatically forwarded to its corresponding sub-domain.

Sadly, I’ve been following various tutorials on using a script to replicate this behaviour without any success. It doesn’t matter which language has my testing computer, it always loads the same home page.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion or guide on how to achieve this function.

Kindest regards

This is my test site with the script I’ve found:


Subdomains like and is gonna be harder to do if not impossible to do in Webflow.

One way to attack the problem is to use the cms and name you collections en and fr and design them the same way. Then you’ll get /en and /fr.
Look at this test site I did a while back multilingual-test be sure to look at the url when clicking around and you’ll se the different collections.

The good: you can do it all inside Webflow without scripts and really good for SEO
The bad: Harder to change design when you have to do that and you have to do the translate your self.


Thank you for replying back.

But that way, you always get the selection main page in which the visitor has to select which language to show?

I’m trying to do that automatically.

Right now I’m almost there using this script:

But it’s failing with the Spanish version, which is the standard home page, so I guess it gets forwarded to it again and again.

It’s working now !

Is there anyway to “hide” the full address of the directions bar ? I mean, instead “/en/home” to just show the main address ( ?

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No I don´t think so.

I found a script a couple of months back that seemed really good. I will try and find it again.

Found it!

It costs but it’s only one time fee.

Edit: The link goes to a blog page with a Webflow site link

Thank you for all of your help.

Multilingualizer is great, but in this scenario I need to design different pages for each country version.

But it’s working great with the script that I posted !

Again, thank you !

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