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Can we please have collection URL-subfolders to at least set up a basic multilingual structure ourselves?

Since Webflow unfortunately no longer prioritise developing multilingual functionality, I have started to look into what’s needed to set up a basic manual multilingual structure in Webflow with page duplication.

Most multilingual sites use either TLDs, subdomains or subfolders in the URL’s to separate the languages, both for SEO reasons and structure. Since domains/subdomains can not point to specific areas of a Webflow site (keeping Cloudeflare out of the equation), then subfolders is really the only option to separate languages in the URL structure in Webflow. But annoyingly, URL-subfolders is only possible with pages, not collections in Webflow!

There are multiple requests for this (URL subfolders) in the wishlist that has been wrongly marked as “shipped” when the “re-arrange order” feature in the Designer/Editor interface was launched in May 2019.

So, please Webflow, at least give us the ability to set URL-subfolders for all content in a site, not just static pages! Please?:pray:t2:

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