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Need to import an agreement in currently in Word - is there a way to retain formatting?

I need to display a Legal Agreement that is currently in a Word document

I thought I could just export the Word doc as html and paste into a Webflow page.

That doesn’t work (I tried adding Custom Code before tag to the Webflow page via the editor - but its limited to 10,000 characters and my agreement is 20,000+)

What’s the best way to import something like this and retain formatting?

You could just leave the legal agreement page as a separate page.
So… you would save the Word Document as an html file (for example: agreement.html)
and simply link to it via a button.

Selecting the button would open agreement.html into a new tab / windows.

You could create an iframe and display agreement.html in the frame

You could create a link that does a jquery call to the document and load / display the document in a modal popup.

This is probably be the slickest route to follow… but of course you would need to know jquery or hire someone to write the code.

I use this method to dynamically load images into a page. Could be used to load data instead.

But that doesn’t really address your “importing needs”. It’s just the way I would do it.

Thanks Revolution - that gives me a few options. Appreciate the feedback!

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