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HTML and Webflow

I’ve run into a bit of trouble.

Our site is hosted on webflow and our domain is pointing to it.

As our company has grown we’ve found it a bit too difficult to build every page and landing page in webflow. None of us are CSS / HTML experts and I do believe you need a good understanding of those things to use webflow well. We’ve decided to hire a front in dev to build some new pages.

We realize there is no way to add new pages to webflow from copy and pasting HTML code. Is there any work around to this?

I would need to review your website to provide a reliable answer.

Here’s the domain

Reviewed the site…

Not sure why it would be difficult - as you said - “to build every page and landing page in Webflow”.

Are you talking about “maintenance” of the site ?.. ie: adding more pages / updating existing pages ?

The site itself is not difficult… to build or maintain… if you have the experience.

It’s basically an 10 page “brochure site”. I was more expecting it to be a content site…
one that delivers / presents pages of dynamic content… such as property information.

What type of new pages are you are talking about ?

A “work-around” depends on what type of information you need to add.

If you looking at adding property listings… then you could create a generic property form
and populate it via php / coldfusion / asp and use a back-end database such as mysql or sql server.

We do that all the time.

The problem I’m running into is because I’m not very experienced with HTML or CSS a lot of the pages break if you resize the browser.

additionally moving things around little here and there causes huge problems. It’s quite hard for me to use it as a designer. It’s not as actually as friendly as I thought. Anyways, original question had to do with how can I incorporate html pages built outside into my site. I felt I’ve spent too much timing to move pixels around to get things to line up nicely I just decided to hire a html expert and have them code a design.

Now i have a html file and no way to add it to my site because everything is hosted on webflow.

Any suggestions?

ok. ic now.

As far as the html part… I don’t see a way of getting the (information on an html page)
or the actual html itself… into Webflow.

Webflow is basically a screen designer… not an editor. And it has no import capability.

It’s wonderful at creating brochureware. But (currently); that’s the limits of the product.

That said… if you create a generic enough page… and export it…
you can build a custom script (php / coldfusion / etc)
that allows you too more quickly add / copy / paste information.

This wouldn’t eliminate the add / copy / paste process… but it would definately make it easier / faster.

Tell your person to maybe look at that process. If the person is a Designer and not a Developer… he / she may not be able to accomplish this.

How about show me one of the html pages… you need to incorporate.

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