Import Terms & Conditions Content to Webflow Page

Hi there,

I am working to bring pages from an existing website into Webflow. At first, I thought I’d copy the page contents (simple HTML – <h2>, <p>, <ul> tags) into a Webflow Rich Text block.

Now, however, I’m onto the Terms & Conditions page, which obviously has tons of headings, formatting, etc, that is extremely time-consuming to re-create within the rich text editor.

After some digging, I figured I’d try an HTML embed, and just copy-paste the raw HTML into that. But the Custom Embed element has a limit of 1000 characters.

There must be a way to paste HTML into the Webflow Rich Text WYSIWYG, right? Am I missing something?

It is prohibitive from a time standpoint to bring all the HTML over one element at a time, yet I don’t see any way to simply copy-paste the HTML into a simple Webflow page.

Please help!

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