Import Terms & Conditions Content to Webflow Page

Hi there,

I am working to bring pages from an existing website into Webflow. At first, I thought I’d copy the page contents (simple HTML – <h2>, <p>, <ul> tags) into a Webflow Rich Text block.

Now, however, I’m onto the Terms & Conditions page, which obviously has tons of headings, formatting, etc, that is extremely time-consuming to re-create within the rich text editor.

After some digging, I figured I’d try an HTML embed, and just copy-paste the raw HTML into that. But the Custom Embed element has a limit of 1000 characters.

There must be a way to paste HTML into the Webflow Rich Text WYSIWYG, right? Am I missing something?

It is prohibitive from a time standpoint to bring all the HTML over one element at a time, yet I don’t see any way to simply copy-paste the HTML into a simple Webflow page.

Please help!

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I have the same problem. Is there anybody out there who can help?

Try converting you content to markdown and then paste the markdown into the rich text element. Markdown is now supported.