Past Text from Google Docs with Formatting

I need to be able to copy and paste long documents into Webflow text blocks and keep the formatting from the Google Doc. My colleagues share very long resources 10+ pages that are formatted and when I paste them (with Ctrl + V, NOT Ctrl + Shift + V) into a Webflow text block, they lose all the formatting. Is there an obvious step I’m missing to be able to paste them to keep the formatting? It’s also inconsistent, I was able to edit one page and insert pasted text with formatting just a few minutes ago, and when I went to a second page, I had the above issue.

Can someone advise?

hi @kellied Google use their own formatting and RTE doesn’t recognise it as RTE is in a Markdown format. As google doesn’t offer direct export into Markdown format there are some apps that convert .doc into .md but results may be not consistent as issues can be eg. with tables (not supported in WF RTE) etc.

As Stan shared, this isn’t a feature in Webflow.
When you paste in content, it strips all formatting and the RTB’s styling governs the style of your text.

That said, if you want the google doc text to look exactly as it does in the Google doc- same fonts, sizings, colors, etc., there is a way to effectively transplant that content directly into your document.

What you need is to export the document as HTML, and then grab the entire <style> chunk and the <body>

You’ll paste the style into an HTML embed, and you’ll change the <body> element to a <div>, and paste that content into another embed. This will render exactly the way it does in the doc.

Some caveats;

  • Google docs has its own margins and responsive approach, you’ll be inheriting that
  • Updating the content requires you to redo this process
  • A few of Google’s classes have generic names like title which may conflict with classes in your project. Most are named things like c1
  • Very good chance your body to too long to fit in a single embed, which means some creative splicing.

I’m building a version of this now actually that is dynamic. A medical center client of mine updates their pricing often in a Google doc and wants that content to appear on their site automatically. I’m doing the same process as above, but using a reverse proxy so that it’s live but cached.

If you need something similar, let me know, I’m keen to expand on this approach.

UPDATE: I finished this out today and it works quite well. I’ve made some notes on both the static and dynamic embedding approaches here.

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