Moving existing HTML structure into webflow


I have a word document with an existing heading/subheading structure, that I would like to migrate over to a webflow page. From Word I am able to export to HTML, however I can’t find a way to import existing HTML headings + paragraphs into webflow. Is there a way to migrate Word or HTML heading structure to Webflow?

Alternatively as a backup I have considered embedding an exported PDF from the Word document, or manually copying each segment of text, however neither of these options are ideal. I would also appreciate any ideas for alternatives here, given the file is ~20 pages and will frequently change.

I really appreciate your help!

[excluding preview because I don’t have a page for this]

This is not possible in Webflow. You’ll need to rebuild it in the designer.

I was thinking about this yesterday actually.

Everything Port of Folio said is exactly correct.
BUT, If you’re a toolmonkey, you might be able to setup a rough conversion path through Figma.

It’s likely to be as much fun as running through a raspberry field blindfolded, but it just might work.

HTML to Figma-

Figma to Webflow-

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