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Need help with creating Secure Document sharing for my membership website

Hi guys,

I need help with creating a secure document-sharing feature for my website.

Background: my site is a membership-type CMS for lawyers to manage their clients. A requirement is that lawyers need to share documents with their clients.

I originally made this feature using the File Upload feature and Forms from Webflow, then saving the Webflow file link to the Webflow CMS. When the user clicks on the file link, the file is opened from Webflow.

This is ok… HOWEVER we realized that only the Webflow designer can access the Webflow file upload link. If we were to log out from Webflow as a designer, we would not be able to access the file link. We didn’t notice before as we were always logged in.

Turning the ‘login only’ off on the file upload section false is not an option as we would like the site and documents to be secure.

Can you suggest ideas on how to do secure file uploads wherein members can share their files with each other?

Thank you so much!

Honestly, Webflow is not a suitable platform for sharing sensitive information between parties.

Thanks for this Jeff.

I don’t think this fixes my problem now (honestly I don’t have a solution to my dilemma yet), but I do want to understand more of what Webflow should be used for and is best at (and also other no-code platforms). I do know it’s not the best platform for everything (for example: me), but I know it was created for a reason and to solve a specific problem.

What do you think Webflow is best for?