Video + PDF Hosting for Course Site

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

A potential client of mine who offers courses to her clients is wanting to upload videos and PDFs into 2 resource libraries on her site built using the CMS. One of these resource libraries will need to be password protected (for paying clients).

What are some options for hosting these videos and PDFs externally?

Any advice is super appreciated :slight_smile:


Since Webflow does not offer password protection on files and does not support video storage other than background videos, Webflow is simply not a good choice for your project. Why not use a CMS that offers the features you need?

Hey Jeff,

They’re actually just wanting the actual page to be password protected. So once they’ve entered into that page they’ll have access to all resources there.

Does that still make Webflow the wrong choice?

Links to resources on the CDN are not secured assets. Anyone with a link can share it and anyone with it can download it. Nothing to stop it from being indexed as well. Until Webflow releases its new planned membership features and don’t see as an option. You may be able to wait since Q4 was the beta release date targeted.

Video support is non existent. I could build a functional solution quickly elsewhere.

Ah right! Thanks so much for giving some clarity, Jeff. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Although everything Jeff said is true, many people still build private paid courses on Webflow.

I have a PowerImporter customer who built it using Webflow and Airtable.

  • videos are published on Youtube privately and their secret URLs are stored in Airtable
  • files are uploaded to Airtable and synced to Webflow using PowerImporter
  • payments and protected pages are managed with Memberstack.

And how does one protect from asset sharing by users?

You don’t. But, all info products are at risk of piracy anyway. Even if you lock everything behind a bulletproof paywall, people still find ways to make copies and share the materials on torrent sites. Even Netflix and Disney+ can’t stop people from ripping and sharing their content.