Need help with assets privacy and users authorization


We are building our first CMS website on Webflow, and our experience is extremely positive. Many thanks to all the contributors to this awesome tool.

At this point, we need to implement some advanced features, so we need help :slight_smile:

  1. Security of assets. While we don’t have implemented authorization/membership feature yet, we set a site password, but as it turned out, anyone with the link to any of the files uploaded to Webflow assets can access them without the password. So, as our website content is mostly confidential we need to find a solution to keep files private (mainly, PDF and images). I’m not sure, but probably an external storage, like google drive or amazon, can be used for that, but it looks like it will be necessary to implement authorization, so that only users authorized on our website could access/see/download the content uploaded to the external storage. Hopefully this can be relatively quickly achieved with the currently used site password approach, i.e. without integration of any authorization solution. Anyway, we need to implement a full authorization solution too, sooner or later.
  2. Authorization. Considering the above mentioned files privacy issue and for other reasons, we also need to implement authorization with configurable access rights support, so that we could restrict access to certain pages, to files uploaded to external storage, to certain CMS collections and ideally even to certain CMS items.
  3. Also, it is not a priority, but is it possible to implement automatic log-in for users added to our Telegram channel, so that when they click on a link in our Telegram channel, they are redirected to our website where they are automatically authorized even if they are logged out? To explain, we just want to supply content intended for our internal Chief Officers in a way that would require minimum actions from them to get access.

I did some research, and found this interesting solution with a step-by-step guide, but I’m not sure if it is good for the needs outlined above. Also, it looks like Firebase can be a good solution for issues 1 and 2, but it seems to be a bit complicated.

We hope to find a Webflow expert here for cooperation on the above and potential future tasks.

Some basic info about our website:
We use Webflow hosting and Webflow subdomain name (we plan to move to a custom one later). Also, we use standard Webflow CMS for our content. Currently our website is protected via a site password, a standard Webflow feature.

Hi there,

I would be glad to assist you.
Kindly reach me over my email: or over Skype so that we can discuss in detail.

Skype ID: live:lauren_8606

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Hey, thank you for your quick response. It’s already late here in my place :slight_smile:
I’ll surely get back to you tomorrow morning.

Hi Serge,
All that you have described is certainly well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out on all this.
You can reach me on
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